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What Became of Darren Moore? The Cause of Death of a Jewellery Maker

Darren Moore Died

Darren Moore, aka CC Quinn, the BlingBlingBling UK jewellery designer, died. Let’s take a closer look at what happened to Darren Moore and his cause of death.

What Happened to Darren Moore?

Darren Moore was reported missing yesterday by close friends and family. A well-known inhabitant of Cardiff was Darren Moore. He created jewellery for the British brand BlingBlingBling. Darren had been reported missing since last night, and his friends and family were anxious about him. According to reports, he was last seen wearing a yellow dress with oversized flared sleeves and a little yellow suitcase. After some time, it became clear that he had been beaten. At the time, it was unclear what had happened to him.

Darren Moore has Gone Missing:

Diane Morgan commented about Moores’ disappearance, stating, “He’s been gone since 5 a.m. this morning and was last seen leaving Pulse after his programme… Please let us know where he went and where he is. “Police have also been notified.” “Darren was last seen in Cardiff about 5 a.m. and hasn’t been seen since,” according to another post. His phone is turned off.

Friends he was out with stated he departed alone, and they haven’t seen him since. He has gone missing, according to Cardiff police. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with him if you have seen him or believe you have seen him. The image below shows how he was dressed. With Darren, though, his family is concerned about his welfare.

Cause of Death for Darren Moore:

The circumstances behind Darren Moore’s death were unknown at the time. Benidorm. Klee reported his death. The message concludes, “R.I.P. You were unfortunately found in Drag last night. He tragically passed away in Cardiff. There have been attacks against #GayViolence. The skies have acquired an angel, dear Darren Moore. I can’t believe you’re no longer with us, Darren Moore.

When I the WoW bar in Cardiff eleven years ago, you were one of the first queens I met! You immediately fell in love with my voice and never left me alone after that!! Ha ha. The Cardiff LGBT scene will be different without you, your famous plastic Tiddies, and your loud, humorous voice! Many people will miss you! R.I.P., you were a true beauty.

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