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The passing of radio personality DJ Franco leaves a void in the industry.

The passing of radio personality DJ Franco leaves a void in the industry.
Image source - Jamaica Gleaner

The well-known DJ Franco lost his life in January 2023. Mello FM confirmed the news of the DJ’s death.

Who was DJ Franco?

DJ Franco, also recognized as Courtney Francis, had been a popular Jamaican radio personality and former officer.

He was a Mello FM team member with a lengthy tenure in broadcasting and communications before joining Mello FM in 2016.

He also worked for LOVE 101 FM, HITZ 92FM, RJR 94FM, and KLAS Sports Radio 89FM, among others.

DJ worked in many different ways to achieve his goals and has always gained success. He has been a motivation for most people.

He was a former cop who had worked as a detective colonel at the cannavale-la police officer as he was a very strong and intelligent person. But unfortunately, he had already been struggling with some disease for some time; his family members have confirmed this.

What happened to DJ Francis?

He died on January 23, 2023, and his relatives have not revealed the cause. Mello FM confirms his death.

He has worked extremely hard to accomplish the objectives he had set for himself.

He has worked with many artists, and he has performed in many live concerts that are meant to be the best at all times in his life journey. 

The body of DJ Franco was found in Westmorland’s home.

The cause is not declared, but it can be a natural death as he once had a disease that his family members have confirmed.

Our team is looking forward to getting the cause of his death; we will update you with the cause of the death.

Tributes to the French:

He will be remembered. He has a very big heart and a legendary voice.

Everyone is sad about death, but unfortunately, one can do anything about it, and they have been praying for their soul to rest in peace.

He has worked very hard to achieve his goals. He always had support from his family.

He has made his career in the radio station where he has worked in many different types of radio stations, and he has been known for his work from the time he started his career.

He used to help people with the problems they usually used to have.

He was a very famous personality and earned much respect for his work in the radio industry.

In addition, he has helped many people as he was kind and has helped people to learn about the country’s current situation.

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