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Relis Eastman, Details of Murder and Information of Scott Eastman

Relis Eastman

Relis Eastman was 44 and lived in California when he was murdered. It was expected that it was a case of homicide as the police officer in California received the phone call in June 2016 and received a notice of a possible homicide case after the situation. When they were taken to the spot, they found him in a pool of blood on his floor, and his wife was devastated by the overall incident. The American detective and the investigation department went on to properly investigate the overall case. They ensured that proper justice would be provided to the individual who died, and that’s where the case began.

Relis Eastman death


Relis Eastman Death Details

Relis Eastman died in June 2016 when he was 44 years old. He was a citizen of California and was very happy in his life and lived with his wife and was in a very good and successful relationship with his wife. On the day he has murdered, the local police officers of California received a phone call related to a possible homicide case, and as he was taken to that particular area, the police officers saw the dead body on the floor with a lot of blood and his wife Kathleen was devastated with the overall incident and was also very frightened. He had a very difficult previous life, and you had many relationships that might be why he was brutally killed.

Relis Eastman murder


Murder of Relis Eastman

Relis Eastman was murdered on the 25th of June 2016 when no one was at the house. His wife took his children and went out shopping, and after the family returned in the evening, the sun entered the kitchen, and they directly saw his father’s dead body under the pool of blood. Then that particular situation itself, his wife called the California police department, but the Crime scene was a very dangerous situation as the children and wife were devastated initially; they thought that it was a death of accident, but later on, a bullet was discovered in his body, and that was a gunshot wound that caused him to die. During the investigation, the police officers had a lot of suspects, but the killer was someone very known to him.

Relis Eastman killer


Killer of Relis Eastman

Relis Eastman was killed on the 25th of June 2016, and the police officers investigated many things. The suspect that was found was Scott, who was on the scene at the CCTV camera and was found selling his cell phone at the machine before walking away; the police officers also realized that in the situation of interrogation, he had lied and that was the situation when he was again interrogative the authorities even found footage of Scott that he claimed that he was not in the location of the area. At the police officers understood that he lied, he was presented in front of the court, and he also insisted on being not guilty; the proof was innocent, but the evidence provided against the theme was successful, and the sentence of 50 years of imprisonment.



Details about Scott

Scott Eastman was the Murderer, interrogated and investigated for a long time. He was taken in front of the official court in 2019. There he directly stated that he was not guilty of the incident and that he should be innocent and be left free. Still, the evidence that the police officers provided was strongly against him, so the court decided to hold him for the murder and give him imprisonment of 50 years in 2019, which might be the period in which she might die in jail itself. He is presently in a California jail, and he can’t come outside the jail as there is a lot of security in America, and he will certainly be dead within these 50 years.

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