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Mexican comedian Polo Polo dies at 78

Mexican comedian Polo Polo dies at 78
Source - Yahoo Sports

Polo Polo, a Mexican comedian known for his crude and often hilarious humour, passed away recently. He was a source of joy and laughter for many. He was 78.

The comic, who was born Leopoldo Garcá Peláez Bentez, passed away early on Monday morning due to natural causes, according to Paul Garca, the comedian’s son, who appeared on “Ventaneando” on TV Azteca.

According to Garcia, his father was able to spend his dying days surrounded by his family and friends.

“His family never failed to look out for his safety. My sister paid constant and careful attention to my brother, “Garca commented in Spanish about the matter. “He steadfastly opposed being locked up for any length of time. He consistently expressed the want for us to look after him.”

USA TODAY has made contact with Polo Polo’s spokesperson in order to obtain further information.

Despite the fact that Garca revealed Polo Polo’s cause of death, she also revealed that he struggled with vascular dementia. According to the Mayo Clinic, vascular dementia is a condition in which impaired blood flow to the brain causes brain damage. This damage can lead to problems with reasoning, planning, judgement, memory, and other thought processes.

In the 1970s, Polo Polo made his first appearance in a comic book, and in the 1980s, he released his first album, titled “Viaje a Espaa” (“Trip to Spain”). Before this, the comedian worked at a factory as a shoemaking merchant. According to Garcia, the atmosphere in the factory helped him polish his comedic skills.

Garca said that the man had picked up the skill of making jokes thanks to the people he worked with.

Polo Polo’s “Son Para Adultos” (“This is for Adults”) series, which generated seven volumes, is an excellent example of his adult-themed humour, for which he became famous. On the other hand, Garcia said that his father’s risqué sense of humour was really an act for the theatre.

“He was a decent person, but he didn’t use foul language too often in his conversations. It was something that he employed in the course of his presentation “García stated. People don’t work nonstop, and neither did my father. He took breaks throughout the day.

Garca responded on Monday to a question about whether or not the comedian Polo Polo was working on any new material before his death by stating that the comedic figure did not have any projects in the works.

“We had completed all of the tasks that were possible with him. He was successful in achieving every goal he set for himself “García remarked. It was his dying wish to be with (his family), and he was able to fulfil that goal.

Garcia, his son, and a daughter are the only members of Polo Polo’s family to survive him.

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