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Maia Arson Crimew | Is her blog still active or is it dead?

Maia Arson

Famous hacker Maia Arson Crimew continues suddenly in the limelight after leaking a purported version of the American TSA’s No Fly list in the past week. Know more about what happened to Maia Arson Crimew after revealing sensitive terrorist data.

If we talk about the No Fly, it is a tiny subset of the U.S. government Terrorist Screen Database that contains information about suspected terrorists. We can understand it like TSA’s (Transportation Security Administration) terrorist watchlist.

Details about Maia Arson Crimew

Maia Arson Crimew belongs to the LGBTQ community. she was born in Tillie Kottman and is a Professional computer hacker and a swiss developer. She started working in the computer coding field at a very early age and later made her own Android app launcher known as Lawnchair Launcher.

Maia Arson

source: BCNews24

People follow Crimew for the best source of secret information from the companies like Intel, and Nissan. In 2019 she found the U.S. No Fly list on a less secure server. According to the reports, she was part of a group that hacked into Verkada in March 2021.

How did Maia Arson Crimew commit her crime?

Last week on Thursday, January 19, 2023, Maia Arson Crimew leaked a purported version of 2019’s American TSA’s No Fly List. Confidential information is revealed by her, involving the personal information of the terrorists on her blog “”.

After posting this information on the blog, this news broke out immediately and started trending all over the internet. Further, people started making memes and sharing them on Twitter and TikTok.

What Happened to Maia Arson Crimew after Posting the new blog post

Maria Arson Crimew leaked the sensitive information on her blog, now facing extreme reactions of people’s anger on social media platforms. Many users used her photo to call him “Holy Fucking Bingle”, and some Twitter users called her a “bi lesbian”.

But still, the authorities and even the police have not taken any action against Maia. If we see their crime record, she was allegedly involved in hacking activity between 2019 to 2021. That time she was indicted by a jury in the U.S. on criminal charges.

Maia Arson Crimew’s Blog: Dead or Alive?

Maia Arson


“” is the name of her blog, It is still alive, and you can also visit it right now. When we reached the home page of this blog, this thing appeared there.

“hello i am maia arson crimew (it/she), and i am gay, mostly for girls, and i’m a tiny kitten :3

i know lot’s of things about cyber security, programming and far too little about music but i still try to do all those things at once. if you like the things i do here or on social media you can support me on ko-fi. links to the various things i do can be found in the footer. if you’re looking for some more serious info about me, there is wikipedia for that.”

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