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Daughter of Lisa Marie Presley, Riley Keough, secretly welcomed a daughter, discloses at Graceland memorial service

On Sunday, during Lisa Marie Presley’s memorial service, Riley Keough, daughter of Lisa Marie, disclosed that she welcomed a daughter with her husband, Ben Smith-Peterson. During the memorial service held in Graceland, her husband said they welcomed their daughter quietly. Their daughter was the first granddaughter of Lisa Marie Presley, the only child and heir of rockstar Elvis Presley.

At the ceremony held in Graceland at Presley’s home, where Lisa lived with her father, Elvis Presley, Riley Keough expressed her heartfelt message, which was read by her husband, Ben Smith. Keough’s tribute to her mother begins with the words:

Riley Keough daughter

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“Thank you for being my mother in this life,” she began. “I’m eternally grateful.”

“I remember how it felt to be loved by the most loving mother I’ve ever known,” the eulogy read. “How safe it felt to be in your arms. I remember that feeling as a child and I remember it two weeks ago on your couch.”

“I hope I can love my daughter the way you loved me, the way you loved my brother and my sisters,” Keough added.

According to the pictures published by Daily Mail, Keough was seen carrying a baby at a Memphis airport on Saturday.

Riley Keough daughter

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Riley Keough is the eldest of the four children of Lisa Marie Presley, who died this month at 54 due to a cardiac arrest at her home in Calabasas, California. Lisa Marie was laid to rest in Graceland’s Meditation Garden next to her only son, Benjamin Keough, who had taken away his life in 2020.

Keough and her twin sisters are expected to inherit her mother’s estate, which she inherited from her iconic father, Elvis Presley, on her 25th birthday.

The memorial service was attended by Hollywood’s several A-listers, including Sarah Ferguson, Baz Luhrmann, Alanis Morissette and Austin Butler, who portrayed the role of Elvis Presley in the biopic “Elvis”.

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