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Sharmini Anandavel, Details of her murder and death

Sharmini Anandavel

Sharmini Anandavel was a famous case in Toronto where a 15-year-old girl had been missing since June 1999. The police officers told the family members that they would look forward to returning her safely. Still, just after four months, there was none other than a dead body was recovered by the authorities, and there was a proper investigation regarding the case that went on after that. Just after the dead body was recovered in 1999, the police officers directly stated that it was a murder and homicide case. A proper investigation of the crime would help the killers be identified very soon. She was a native of Sri Lanka and moved to Canada for a better foreign life, and she was very young when she was murdered.

Sharmini Anandavel Death


Sharmini Anandavel Death Details

Sharmini Anandavel is a murder case of 1999 as a 15-year-old girl was missing since June 1999, and the dead body was directly recovered after four months by the police officers, and the murder happened within these four months. The death happened when the girl was very young. The police officers made a proper investigation of the overall case that directly stated that whatever happened created a very bad impact on the family members as they were Sri Lankan natives and the most to Canada for a better life experience. Still, in foreign countries, it was not possible for Asian individuals to survive like that, which nearly caused her to be murdered.

Sharmini Anandavel murder

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Murder of Sharmini Anandavel

Sharmini Anandavel was first kidnapped in 1999, the month of June, and latest, she was declared dead after four months and the investigation of the police officers related to the death beginner after her dead body had been discovered. The Murder was a homicide case, and the initial investigation of the modern was very challenging for the police officers. Still, later on, they found the individual who killed her, and it was suspected to be her neighbour Stanley Tippett. The police officers went on to have a proper investigation, and not only was it a murder case, but it was also a rape case that occurred in the situation when she was killed, so it was easier for the police officers to make a DNA test and do a proper investigation.

Sharmini Anandavel killer


Killer of Sharmini Anandavel

Sharmini Anandavel was estimated to be killed by Stanley as he was the individual who was involved in the disappearance in 1999, and later on, the proper DNA investigation done by the police officers also set it that he was the one who raped her before her death and that was the reason for which she died. After the police officers discovered the dead body, they had certainly given to know that she was raped before her death, so the DNA of the person who wrists her was inside the body, and it was easier for the police officers to do the investigation. The Killer was easily identified, and after that, it was very easy for the police officers to investigate and make proper reports regarding that.

Recent News

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Investigation Details and recent news

After the disappearance occurred in June 1999, the police officers said they would find the girl safe and secure and return them to the family. Still, after the girl had not been discovered, the police officer was very tense and later discovered the girl’s dead body, which created a very bad situation for the family. After properly investigating the killer, the police officers stated that the case was closed. Then recently, there has been growing news that would be a documentary series made through this particular case. The overall murder case was very dangerous, and it will directly cover a lot of stories of this situation and will also create a good impact.

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