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Premier Designs Jewelry co-founder Andy Horner Passed away: Cause of Death Explained

What Caused the death of Andy Horner?

On Saturday, January 21, 2023, Andy Horner, the founder of Premier Designs, passed away at 98. His family members surrounded Andy at the time of his death. His death was made public on Sunday by his family members.

At this point, precisely what led to his death is unknown. No official statement from his family members or representatives has been made explaining the cause of his death. Netizens believed that Andy’s death might be from natural reasons because of his old age. However, it was not confirmed, so we can’t say anything correctly as to what circumstances have taken away his life. We will update you soon as soon as we get any further details.

Andy Horner die

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Who was Andy Horner? Premier Designs co-founder Identity Explored.

Andy Horner, the man behind Chief Plans, Inc., was born in Belfast, Ireland. Andy’s childhood was deprived of material possessions but affluent in spiritual dedication. Andy married her childhood love and close friend Joan Horner. They first met while studying in elementary school, but they did not date until Andy returned from World War II in 1945.

In his half-century career, Andy served as a manager for various companies, including Home Interior and Gifts, Xerox Corporation, Johnson Wax and more. His wife Joan Horner stood with Andy in his ups and downs. She was the charge and assistant of Mary Crowley, who founded Home Interior and Gifts. She was a pivotal person in overseeing the design of the jewellery and also served as an executive vice president for Premiers.

Tributes Surfaced Online for Andy Horner

As soon as the death news broke out, social media was thus filled with Andy’s tribute messages. Many people are paying tribute to him via different social media handles. Our condolences and prayers are for his family and loved ones. May his divine soul rest in eternal peace forever.

Andy Horner die

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Deb De Vlieger wrote: “These are some of my greatest mentors… Joan & Andy Horner, the Founders of Premier Designs Jewelry. Some years ago, Joan passed away & today I learned that Andy joined her in Heaven. They gave their retired years to start a jewelry company that would impact millions and I am so thankful to have been a part of Premier Designs & my life was greatly enriched and blessed by their acts of service. They gave to so many different missions, always helping people, He said people before profit!! And Jesus first, such a great Godly man!! but I know we will meet again in glory “

Alicia Reppert-“Ruddell paid tribute and wrote: Rest in Peace Andy Horner, founder of Premier Designs. Eternity welcomes you, my dear friend! Thank you for teaching me so much about loving and serving people selflessly in this lifetime! You made me laugh, cry and swell with love for people just as they are….imperfect and worthy of God’s grace.! A dose of hope is so what you offered!”

Angela GI GI Urbanski commented: “Fly high, Andy Horner; I know you are telling stories/jokes and singing to your sweet Joan. Your words of encouragement, reminding us all we are not SOMEBODY because God doesn’t make JUNK, SERVICE over SELLING, your love for the USA, and your giving heart left a legacy for many. We will miss you and are grateful we were blessed to know you.”

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