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Katherine Walton, Survival of the Mall attack presents details

Katherine Walton

Katherine Walton was 39 years old when she went to a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The date was somewhere in September 2013 when a terrific incident occurred in the mall where four masked individuals with automatic weapons and guns went into the mole and started shooting each individual in the mall. Nairobi has been prone to terrorist attacks for a long situation in the past. There has also been a lot of terrorism in public places of narrow bean. This was one of them, but this incident consisted of a lot of survivors. The four individuals were also taken under the custody of the Nairobi police department as proper interrogation was done.

Katherine Walton mall attack


Katherine Walton Mall attack

Katherine Walton was inside the mall in Nairobi in September 2013 when she was 39 years old and was with her five children. It is known to all that a very big shooting incident occurred in the mall of Nairobi, which was a terrorist attack and in that attack the river a lot of information was being covered as the entire attack consisted of a lot of problems and the shooting incident. She was one of the survivors of the overall incident, and she survived the incident with her children. Like a loving mother, it was important for her to protect her children. She successfully did that and protected herself and her children from the entire incident and survived the shooting incident.

Katherine Walton survival

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Katherine Walton Survival Details

Katherine Walton was part of the big Nairobi shooting incident in September 2013. It was known to the entire world that the overall incident that took place in 2013 was a big terrorist attack in Nairobi, and in that attack, there were a lot of individuals were murdered, and a lot of innocent people were killed. As it was a crowded Mall, various individuals could survive the incident. Still, as the survival exits, you are very small, and everyone can’t move outside the survival window. During the survival itself, death happened, and it was very difficult for Katherine and all her children to survive the overall incident that occurred.

Katherine Walton present detail


Katherine Walton Present Details

Katherine Walton, after surviving the horrifying incident with her children in 2013, then back to having a normal life, and presently or entire life is become very normal with her children casually going to school and with time, the anxiety and fear of the overall incident have gone. She also provided a recent interview related to the overall incident. She stated that it was very difficult for her to manage anxiety a few days after the incident. In that particular situation, she worked hard and supported herself to survive the incident. He also was very strong enough while the situation escapes, but later on, he faced a lot of mental problems at home.

Attack investigation

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Other essential investigation Details

After the incident occurred, there were a lot of survivors in 2013, and all these individuals had the proper investigation done. As the four individuals super related to the overall shooting incident covered the incident and later on rested by the Nairobi government as the terrorist attack in this region will increasing a lot, and the government couldn’t protect everyone from it, so they looked forward to survival of the people of their country. Terrorism was always a big problem in Kenya, and the reduction of this problem was supposed to be done. A proper investigation by the government was required to protect the country’s people from terrorism.

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