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Jessica Padgett, Details of her murder, and where are the killer?

Jessica Padgett

Jessica Padgett case happened in 2014 when she went missing on the 21st of November 2014, and all her family members directly reported to the police officers without wasting any time. She was the mother of a 3-year-old child, but she had been missing for a very long time, and no details were available about her. There was also CCTV footage that was covered recently that stated that she went outside her house, but she never came back, and there was no information available. So the investigation of the police officer after you month the dead body has directly been discovered of the 33-year-old woman.

Jessica Padgett death


Jessica Padgett Death Details

Jessica Padgett died in 2014 after missing on the 21st of November 2014. The police officers received the report of the missing on the 21st of November 2014, and there was no information available about the woman. After a few days of proper investigation, the police officers received the news of the dead body. After the proper investigation done by police officers, the dead body was discovered, and the police came to know that it was the dead body Jessica herself. Proper information has been available regarding the death, and recently there also has been television series covering the entire incident with Jessica.

Jessica Padgett murder

CBS News

Murder of Jessica Padgett

Jessica Padgett was kidnapped by someone very close to her, and it is also estimated that that individual herself has directly murdered her. After the proper investigation done by the police officers, it was none other than Gregory Graf, her stepfather. The exact reason for which he was murdered was not provided to the police officers. Still, after a proper presentation in court in 2015, he directly committed his crime and also stated to the police officers that he was the person who murdered the daughter Jessica. There were certain problems in the family with the reason for which the Murder Occurred, and after a proper Investigation by the police officers, details were discussed.

Jessica Padgett murderer


Gregory Graf killed Jessica Padgett

Gregory Graf was the killer of Jessica as he decided to murder his stepdaughter in a situation when there were a lot of problems in the family. He was also not in a very good relationship with his wife the recent television series that has been released has directly shown that both of them were not in a very good relationship with each other, and that was the reason for which the death happened. It was a well-planned murder, and a proper investigation by the police officers stated that he first kidnapped his stepdaughter and then, later on, decided to murder her as per the plan. The television series has covered the entire details of the murder.

Gregory Graf

CBS News

Where exactly is Gregory Graf now?

Gregory Graf was arrested in 2015 for the murder of his daughter and also for sexual assault against her. In that year, he pleaded for his life and also admitted that he was guilty, and in court, he has directly been sentenced to life imprisonment. After that, he pleaded to the court for his bill, but he did not receive that and was taken to jail. The recent television series has directly shown a lot of details about the entire case which happened between the father and the daughter, and it has also shown a lot of details about what exactly happened during the case and how the police officers investigated the case and the solved the case through their search.

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