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Connie Mae Gooden, Who was She? What is the Cause of the Death of a Retired Nurse and the Mother of a Kansas City Ghost Hunter?

Connie Mae Gooden, Who was She?

Marie Jackson, a paranormal investigator, has an unusual perspective on death. She thinks that death is not the end of the world since she works with the spirits of the departed. Jackson is soothed by the memory of her mother, Connie Mae Gooden, who was a staunch supporter of a vocation that many would scorn. “She told me she was extremely proud of me,” Jackson, highlighted in The Star in 2021, said. “I recall her being so happy every time I told her about a new project I was working on or when I finished my book.” On January 6, Gooden, a retired nurse of 30 years, died of bladder cancer. Her age was 65. Gooden was raised with eight siblings and had nine children like her mother and father.

Death Reason:

According to the most recent news and information, she died on Friday, January 6, 2023, after a protracted battle with cancer. Bladder cancer is said to have been the cause of his death, and she died in Kansas City Hospice House in Kansas City, Missouri. There are several speculations on the internet concerning the reason for her death. However, it has been verified that Bladder cancer was the primary cause of her death. We will update this story as soon as we get new information or news on her demise.

Private Life:

Her family will also remember Gooden for her perseverance, refusing to let barriers, no matter how challenging, deter her from pursuing a goal. This is one of the many characteristics Jackson feels her mother bestowed on her and her brothers. “My mum was never unhappy. She had to work hard to keep up with the kids and the home and ensure everyone was in good health. “She had to be that rock of support for everyone,” adding that Jackson is now adapting to life without the person she relied on for counsel, encouragement, and inspiration. “I’m going to miss her grin and snark,” Jackson chuckled. “She was a quick-witted lady who utilised humour to get through difficult situations. She’d come to my place, chat, and start cleaning up.”

Jackson, one of the country’s few Black paranormal investigators, was apprehensive about informing her family about her professional goals due to their strong religious beliefs. Jackson told her mother she wanted to pursue spirits after her father died. Jackson’s book, “10 Feet Under,” was published last year, describing her lifetime encounters with the paranormal growing up in South Kansas City. Her mother, she adds, will be the first to read it when she’s completed it.

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