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Monterey Park Mass Shooting Leaves 10 Dead; Community Demands Action Against Hate Crimes.

Monterey Park Mass Shooting Leaves 10 Dead
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On Jan 22, 2023, a mass shooting occurred in Monterey Park, California, killing ten people and injuring many more. The incident occurred during a Lunar New Year party attended by hundreds of people at a popular shopping plaza.

What has happened there?

The shooting has caused widespread shock and grief in the community and has prompted an outpouring of support from residents and officials. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said, “This is an unspeakable tragedy that has shaken our city and our nation.” “Today, we grieve together and stand together with the victims and their families.”

The police force urges anybody with information about spraying bullets to arrive forward and make contact with them.

The FBI and the Agency of Liquor, Nicotine, Firearms, and Explosives are also assisting in the search for the shooters.

In recent years or can say in the whole history, this incident is one of the deadliest mass shootings. It also highlights the need for increased support and resources for communities of color and those targeted by hate crimes.

Where do those people belong?

The shooting victims were mainly of Asian descent, and their identities have been released. They include a mother and her adult daughter, a father and his adult son, a young couple, and several others.

All the victims were with their family members and at the shopping centre, where they celebrated the Lunar New Year. Their families and loved ones are left to cope with the unimaginable loss and grief.

The Tragedy in Monterey Park is a painful reminder of the devastating consequences of hate and violence. The community stands together in solidarity, remembering the victims and working towards a future where such senseless acts of violence can be prevented.

The Asian American community and organisations have also called for more attention to hate crimes against the community and more efforts to combat racism and discrimination.

What does the statement of the police officers say?

According to police, the shooter, identified as a 38-year-old man, opened fire with a semi-automatic weapon before being shot and killed by police.

The shooter’s motive is unknown, and police are investigating whether the shooting was a hate crime, as many of the victims were of Asian descent.

The victims were rushed to the hospitals with injuries that ranged from critical to non-life-threatening. The authorities are still working to identify all the victims and notify their families.

Some of the victims are dead, and some of them are unhealthy. We will keep you updated with all the information on this matter.

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