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How Did Sal Piro Die? The Founder Of Rocky Horror Picture Show Is No More

Sal Piro, the creator of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, died on January 21. Let’s look at more information about Sal Piro and his obituary. Sal Piro’s death was revealed on social media by Lillias Piro. Sal is no longer alive. There are no words to describe I dreaded this day. I’m ill inside to tell you that the person I love the most in the world has died. Sal, my older brother, died peacefully at home on January 21. I’ll keep everyone updated because I’ll be holding a wake for him in New York City. Without him, my life is finished.

How Did Sal Piro Die?

Sal Piro passed away on January 21 Peacefully in his home. Sal was a regular at national conventions and had such a cheerful and engaging attitude that he would take the time to find out what was happening on the national scene. His death was announced on social media, and when people learned of his tragic death, they began paying him honour and expressing their emotions on the platform.

Who is Sal Piro?

Piro was a member of the original Waverly Theatre audience, which gave rise to the film’s distinctive audience involvement components and much of its cult following. This fan base has grown to become a worldwide phenomenon. Piro has also featured as himself in the film Fame and several documentaries and made a nonspeaking, nameless cameo – as a man using a payphone – in Rocky Horror Picture Show’s pseudo-sequel Shock Treatment. In the 2016 television adaptation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, he appears as The Photographer. He has worked as an actor in both film and television.

The Career of Sal Piro:

Piro has also written two novels about the Rocky Horror Picture Show cult fanbase, Creatures of the Night and Creatures of the Night II. According to a New Yorker piece, Piro also participates in a competitive tournament, Scrabble. Piro was a well-known figure in Cherry Grove, Fire Island, Long Island, and New York communities. For 23 years, he was the manager of the Ice Palace and Grove Hotel and the Executive Producer of the Miss Fire Island Pageant, Mr Fire Island Leather, and Miss Grove Hotel competitions. His death was announced via email blast to members on January 22, 2023, by the Cherry Grove Community Association and the Arts Project of Cherry Grove.

Tributes to Sal Piro:

Posted by Logan Slaughter, I’m at a loss for words. Sal Piro has taught me a lot. Sal was the first person who I felt actually “see” me. He nabbed it. He had a feeling there was something there. He protected me in addition to going to bat for me and ensuring that I worked even if it was illegal. Financially, I made sure I made wise decisions. I will be eternally thankful. Lunches with Ariel Sinclair were always a lot of fun. Hearing him hurrying down the corridor, “GIRLS”, we knew something was coming. There was a shift after you departed Fire Island, and I’ll cherish the time we spent together forever. Thank you for loving me, Sal. Thank you for coming to see me. Thank you for being available to me.

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