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How did Kylie Bazzo Disappeared? Is She Still Alive? A look at what caused the Mandurah boat crash

Kylie Bazzo disappeared
Image Source: The West Australian

Kylie Bazzo, a 52-year-old mother of Rhett Bazzo who disappeared from the Mandurah boat crash, a deadly incident in Mandurah, south of Perth, took four individuals’ lives. As per the reports, the boat hit a red post marker in the Mandurah estuary at around 10 pm. Out of the four travellers onboard, one lady is absent.

Investigations are thus going on to find the missing lady after the deadly incident that took one person’s life and endangered another’s life. Police have now discovered the lady’s dead body disappeared, and it was Kylie Bazzo, mother of Rhett Bazzo, a West Coast Eagles defender.

Kylie Bazzo disappeared

Image Source: The West Australian

On Sunday at around 7 pm, the investigation department found a dead body and confirmed that it was of Kylie Bazzo, with her family notified. However, on Sunday night, both The West Australian and 9 News Perth reported that the search operation continues. After 24 hours, Western Australian Police were called to the accidental site in Mandurah, south of Perth.

At the time of the boat crash, four people were onboard, including Deborah Burdon, a friend of disappeared Kylie Bazzo was recovered from the water although she died on the spot. While Deborah’s husband, John Burdon, who was said to be driving the boat, was immediately taken to the Royal Perth Hospital with severe injuries. Another man on the board at the time of the collision luckily survived with minor injuries.

Kylie Bazzo disappeared

Image Source: The West Australia

According to the statement of Duty Inspector Vic Hussey told ABC, search operations are still going for the people missing.

“We are currently searching the water potentially for at least one person that may be missing from a vessel that was involved in a collision,” he said.

“Regrettably, one person is deceased as a result of this collision.

“We are aware of the fact that potentially the boat has hit a navigation marker or something similar.”

Superintendent Peter Morrissey believed that it was least expected that Mrs Bazzo was still alive due to the size and scale of the search.

“We’ve done land-based searches and water-based searches and at this stage, we’re probably in a space where we’re looking to recover the body,” he said.

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