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Gianno Caldwell of Fox News Criticises the Restaurant for Ejecting Him Due to His Political Views

A feud between the owner of a North Miami cafe and a Fox News expert sparked a flood of online hostility, forcing the establishment to close until next month.

What Happened?

Gianno Caldwell, a Fox News political analyst and self-proclaimed “sworn adversary of PC Culture,” was having breakfast with friends at Paradis Books and Bread, 12831 W Dixie Highway, on Saturday. When one of the cafe’s owners approached the table and informed them they needed to leave, the group’s talk moved to Caldwell’s conservative opinions.

On Sunday, Caldwell stated on Fox & Buddies Weekend that the owner told him and his friends they weren’t welcome because their politics “do not align.” “There’s a target on the backs of those who are Black and conservative,” Caldwell stated during the programme. “Something has to give… This should not be happening.” Caldwell, who blasted the incident on Twitter and Facebook, even said he hoped Gov. Ron DeSantis investigated what happened at Paradis Books and Bread. On the other hand, the cafe provided a significantly different description of what happened on Saturday morning on Instagram.

What is the Cafe’s Statement?

The group came, ordered lunch, and took a seat in the back corner of the restaurant. However, they “spoke pretty loudly,” and the chat upset several employees and customers. According to the cafe’s statement, the group utilised “eugenic arguments surrounding their beliefs on Roe v. Wade” and spoke about “women in humiliating ways.” “Once it was evident that they were through with their lunch, we told them that our points of view do not align and that the language they were using was inappropriate in our area,” the café said.

Following the incident, the cafe’s proprietors have suffered abuse and received “alarming messages” on their personal phone numbers, according to an Instagram post by the eatery.

Some, probably influenced by Caldwell’s experience, concentrated on the food and service quality. Others directly mentioned what occurred. “Terrible people who own and run this place,” one reviewer remarked. “They made my POC friend G.C. and others leave because they are intolerant of free expression. If I could, I’d leave negative feedback.” “The proprietor is a socialist who opposes the first amendment,” said another critic. Another: “Unsafe for certain folks to attend this establishment.”

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