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Where is James Krauseneck’s Wife Now? Who is Sharon Krauseneck?

Where is James Krauseneck's Wife Now

Cathleen “Cathy” Krauseneck’s homicide on February 19, 1982, while she slept inside her own Brighton, New York, home, can only be described as heinous. That’s because, as detailed in NBC’s ‘Dateline: The Bad Man,’ her husband/father, child’s James Krauseneck, was the one who axed her in the head and got away with it for four decades. Despite his 2022 conviction, many people still believe in his innocence, including his present wife, Sharon Krauseneck, so here’s what we know about her.

Who is Sharon Krauseneck?

Although James moved from New York to his home state of Michigan the day after he became a widower — on February 19, 1982 — it appears that it took him some time to adjust. One key reason is that he was virtually left alone to raise his and Cathy’s then-3-year-old daughter, Sara, implying he didn’t want her to be uncertain. However, as time passed and James began to communicate with others on a personal and professional level, he relocated to Washington and finally married his fourth wife, Sharon. James supposedly married Sharon in late 1999 or early 2000, after which they settled in picturesque Gig Harbor, near Tacoma, to begin a new chapter in their life.

What Happened Next?

Sara was an adult by this point, and the former was succeeding as a business executive, allowing the couple to live a comfortable life Cathy had never dreamed of. The Krausenecks seemingly accomplished everything, from being country club members to purchase a magnificent four-bedroom home in 2009 to spending on a second residence in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 2012. Once James retired as Vice President of Weyerhaeuser, he and Sharon relocated permanently to Peoria, Arizona – they even sold their Gig Harbor home to acquire one in this beautiful suburb.

Where is James Krauseneck’s Wife Now?

Although Sharon wants to keep her personal and professional experiences private these days, we believe she is still based in Peoria, Arizona. The nearly 70-year-old has little social media presence, but she always supports James and happily marries him. Furthermore, she stated in court, “Because Jim is innocent, we will appeal [the conviction] so that justice can truly and honestly be served,” implying that she is striving to have her husband released as soon as possible.

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