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Who is David Crosby Wife? David Crosby dies at the age of 81

David Crosby was a professional singer, songwriter and guitarist. In addition to his solo career, David was also a founding member of Stills & Nash & the Byrds and Crosby. David Crosby joined the Byrds in 1964, and David had his first number-one hit in 1965 with a cover of “Mr. Tambourine Man” by Bob Dylan. Thereafter, David appeared on the first five Byrds albums. Following this, David Crosby formed Stills & Nash in 1968 with Graham Nash and Stephen Stills. David Crosby produced a reunion album with the original lineup in 1973.

David Crosby released many hits in his life, including If I Could Only Remember My Name, Thousand Roads, Oh Yes I Can, Lighthouse, For Free, King Biscuit Flower Hour, Silent Harmony, “In the Wide Ruin”, “Lady of the Harbor”, “Music Is Love”, “Through Your Hands”, “The Us Below”, and more.

How did Singer David Crosby die?

Recently, news of David Crosby’s death surfaced. David Crosby died on 18 January 2023 at the age of 81. The cause of death of David Crosby was a long illness. David had been suffering from liver problems for many years. In addition, David was suffering from type 2 diabetes. David had lost 25 kg (55 lb) due to his illness. David died recently on January 18 after recovering from his many health problems. David’s fans are paying tribute to him, and his relatives, friends, friends and fans are mourning the death of David Crosby on social media.

Who is David Crosby Wife?

David Crosby has had relationships with a number of women. But David Crosby married only once. David Crosby first had a relationship in 1962 with Celia Crawford Ferguson, James Raymond. James Raymond and David have a son. David Crosby has three children – a son, Django Crosby, with his wife Jan Dance, a daughter, Erica, with Jackie Guthrie, and a daughter, Donovan Crosby, with ex-girlfriend Debbie Donovan.

David Crosby married in May 1987 at the age of 45 at the Hollywood Church of Religious Science in Los Angeles. Then in January 2000, Melissa Etheridge announced that David Crosby was the sperm donor for his partner Julie Cypher’s two children.

David Crosby Wife Jan Dance

Sources by Briefly News

How much was David Crosby’s Net Worth?

According to the sources, the net worth of David Crosby is around $10 million. David Crosby earned his income from singing, songwriting and playing the guitar. David Crosby released many songs and performed in many music shows. David also won many awards and honours for his singing and performance.

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