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What Led to the Tragic Death of Sheikh Jaber Al-Basaisi and His Family? Explained

Tragic death of Sheikh Jaber Al-Basaisi

Saudi preacher Sheikh Jaber Al-Basaisi, his wife, and their five children perished in an automobile accident there. Let’s look at the horrific traffic collision in greater depth.

How did Sheikh Jaber Al-Basaisi Fare?

Sheikh Ahmed Al Basissy and six other family members perished in a car accident. According to a local newspaper, a truck struck Sheikh Ahmed Al Basissy and his family returning from Makkah after doing the Umrah, or shorter pilgrimage. The neighbourhood where the victims lived was destroyed following the horrific collision.

Explaining a Traffic Accident:

In a tragic car accident, Sheikh Jaber Al-Basaisi and all of his family members perished.

They were in a vehicle when a speeding truck struck it on a route near the beach city of Al Qunfudah. “Sheikh Jaber Al-Basaisi and all of his family members fell dead in a horrible traffic accident when they were returning from conducting Umrah ceremonies,” Dr. Muhammad Salah said in a post on social media about the tragic news. They should be granted Allah’s mercy and inclusion in the ranks of the virtuous.

The Prophet of Allah (s.a.w) is reported to have said: “When Allah wishes good for a slave, He puts him in action,” according to Anas. “How does he put him in action, O Messenger of Allah?” was stated. He said he forced him to fulfil the good actions before passing away.

Sending Condolences:

Many Saudis have posted online condolences in response to the imam and his family’s departure. The deceased clergyman’s words were broadcast on video by several mourners. The Saudi Arabian Minister of Islamic Affairs, Abdul Latif al-Sheik, also expressed his sorrow for the prominent cleric’s passing. The staff and pupils at Ahmad’s complex of Quran memorization schools expressed their deep sadness at his departure. There, Ahmad was a ninth-grader. According to the institution’s manager Darwish Al Magrabi, his morals and thirst for education set an example for the students. Al Magrabi lauded the late priest as a friendly and helpful man and admired him. After an Islamic funeral prayer at the Grand mosque, the dead were buried.

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