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What is Van Conner’s cause of death? The Songwriter Died At 55

Van Conner cause of death

Van Conner, the co-founder, died at age 55. Gary Lee, Van’s brother and another band member revealed the awful news on Facebook on Wednesday, Jan. 18. “Van Conner, Screaming Trees’ bassist, and lyricist, died yesterday night of a protracted illness at the age of 55,” Lee wrote. “He was one of my closest friends and I adored him. I will miss him for the rest of my life.”

Van Conner’s Health has been Rapidly Deteriorating:

According to Lee’s Facebook updates, Van Conner has been dealing with serious health concerns in recent years. In a post on January 5, the Screaming Trees guitarist revealed that his brother was hospitalized early this year due to a liver ailment. Van Conner’s health issues, on the other hand, began in late 2021. Lee explained that his brother had been unable to walk since being in a coma following emergency stomach surgery around Christmas a year ago. During his rehabilitation, the bassist became infected with COVID-19, which caused a blood clot that left his lungs “badly injured.” According to Lee, Van Conner resisted seeking medical attention for the issues he was suffering, but he finally went to the hospital earlier this January.

What is Van Conner cause of death?

Van Conner died a few weeks after Lee’s Jan. 5 update. “It was pneumonia that killed him in the end,” Van’s brother said. Lee paid tribute to his brother, and former bandmate Van Conner in a YouTube video posted a few hours after learning of his brother’s death. “When I was approximately eight years old, I had a dream that I was in a cemetery,” the musician explained. “I wanted to leave a note on Van’s tomb. This is what it appears to have said. It’s known as ‘Fade Out City.'” Van Conner’s death comes less than a year after the end of Screaming Trees singer Mark Lanegan, who died at age 57. Lanegan’s cause of death, however, is unknown.

Van Conner, who co-founded the iconic Northwest alternative band Screaming Trees with his brother Gary Lee and singer Mark Lanegan, has died. He was 55. “Van Conner, Screaming Trees bassist and song composer, died yesterday night of an extended illness at 55,” his brother said. “In the end, it was pneumonia that killed him. He was one of the closest friends I’d ever had, and I adored him. I will miss him for the rest of my life.”