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Murder charges against two in disappearance of missing Woodbridge man

jose guerrero missing

In the Woodbridge man case, two suspects have been arrested who have been missing since December. Now the police believe that they have recovered the dead body soon, as told by the Prince William County Police department.

20-year-old Jose Abelino Guerrero as missing since December 21, 2022. After missing him, his family desperately tried to find him.

After two days after being reported missing, Guerrero’s car was located in Bel Air Road and Jeffries Road. The evidence of blood and struggle was found inside the car, as told by police.

After finding the suspicious things in the car now, police flagged this case as endangered since the missing of Jose Adelino Guerrero police continuously trying to find him. Now the Detectives find two suspects in the concern of Guerrero’s missing.

jose guerrero missing

Source: FOX 5 DC

Police searched a home in the 14000 block of Matthews drive in Woodbridge after getting a search warrant. At this place, police caught the suspects.

According to the police, on December 21 2022, the victim and suspects scheduled a meeting with drug dealers.

While they met in the car, some altercation started between them, and after that, the victim was stabbed many times, and these injuries led to his death.

The suspects took the victim’s body to Prince George’s County, Maryland and dumped it there as told by the police.

As per the latest information on Thursday, Prince William County detectives scheduled a meeting with Maryland authorities to find and recover the body.

jose guerrero missing

Source: FOX 5 DC

After getting the dead body Medical examiner of Maryland performed the autopsy and confirmed the identity of the victim, according to the officers. Now the investigators are verified that the dead body belongs to Guerrero, a 20-year-old man.

Nineteen years old Olvin Daniel from Woodbridge and 17-year-old Argueta Ramirez boy from Woodbridge was arrested by the police regarding Guerrero’s death.

Now Ramirez was charged with murder and stabbing in the commission of a felony. At the same time, the other teenager, 17 years old being stayed in the Juvenile Detention Center for robbery and murder. 

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