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Bronx home shooting: What caused the death of Nicholas Lewis?

In the Bronx home shooting case, a 21-year-old man was shot and killed at the backside of a house. Let’s check out more details about the whole incident in detail.

What happened in the Bronx home shooting

According to the official sources on Wednesday, a 21-year-old man was shot and killed in the backyard of a house.

The gunshot was fired around 9 PM in Edenwald, at that time, the man was in the backyard of the house on Pratt Avenue near Strang Avenue, said to police.

Bronx home shooting

Source: New York Post

After the shooting, his family was found in an injured situation in the backyard. The victim named, Nicholas Lewis, was shot in the chest, as told by police. A man was spotted comforting a little girl outside after the shootout.

At the time of the shooting, her sister was at home and found Lewis seriously wounded in the backyard. The exciting thing is that Lewis had no criminal record, and he was shot once in the chest, as said by police.

The reason behind the death of Nicholas Lewis

According to the NYPD, around 8.50 PM, Nicholas Lewis was shot in the chest once at the back side of the house at Pratt Avenue in the nearby borough’s Eastchester.

After the shoot, Lewis was taken immediately to the nearby Jacobi Hospital but announced dead later. The hospital staff later confirmed his death due to a severe wound caused by the gunshot.

Lewis had just returned home on that day. Police are investigating and assuming that the shooter had followed Lewis for two-three days before firing the fatal shot.

Police Investigation in the case

Bronx home shooting

Source: ABC7 New York

Police are trying to find any evidence in the case and the circumstances being investigated by the local police. The inquiry is still running, but no one still arrived.

Police first tried to find the death circumstances of Nicholas, which are still unclear. After the death of Nicholas, his family and friends are crushed, and the whole local community is now horrified by this tragic incident.

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