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Where is Raven Sutton Now? The Circle Journey Of Raven Sutton

Although each season of Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ contains an extraordinarily diverse group, each with unique attributes, Raven Sutton stands out the most throughout season 5. After all, she is a deaf but energetic creative performer, disability champion, and interpreter who achieved third place — second runner-up — solely through her deliberate efforts. So, if you want to understand more about her time in this unique production, her current possible standing, and her plans for the future, we’ve got the information for you.

The Circle Journey of Raven Sutton:

Suppose there is just one word to characterise Raven. In that case, it has to be inspirational since she has exploited her situation as a third-generation deaf person to raise awareness in her community. “I’m #DeafAsF**k and I’m proud of it,” she remarked in her introduction (via translator Paris McTizic) before confessing, “American Sign Language is my first language. And, certainly, I can use my voice, but I prefer to use signals.” “People often look down on deaf people, but the truth is, deaf people can do everything except hear,” the southern belle continued. When people say that deaf people can’t dance, I tell them to “see me!”

Raven’s true motivation for entering this event was to represent her community under ordinary conditions rather than to earn the $100,000 prize pot. She succeeded, as we saw her communicate with strangers and progressively form friendships. Whether it was her friendships with Chaz and Sam or her infatuation with Marvin, everything flowed so smoothly that there were times when we forgot she was deaf. “I came here because I wanted a greater portrayal of deaf individuals on TV who aren’t deaf, right?”

Raven explained everything in the final episode. “I just wanted to be a normal character, a normal player, doing normal things, and I happen to be deaf. We don’t see many people with disabilities on TV, so I wanted to represent my group.” That being stated, it’s important to note that Raven became an influencer on her powers and likeness multiple times during the episode; it had nothing to do with her impairment. Similarly, her making it to the finals before finishing third was the same.

Where is Raven Sutton Now?

Raven is originally from Alabama but currently lives in Maryland as a social worker, content producer, performer, and disability advocate/consultant/interpreter. She began her work as an advisor, dancing instructor, and teacher’s assistant at Gallaudet University, but she has since expanded into much more. The now-27-year-old works as a Senior Survivor Resource Specialist for Deaf DAWN in the Washington, DC-Baltimore area.

As if that wasn’t enough, Raven was among the first to do ASL versions of songs – her interpretation of Cardi B’s “WAP” even went viral in 2021. Furthermore, she ostensibly intends to one day open a studio as a Dance Therapist – a practice where people, particularly at-risk youths, can come to blow off steam, worries, and emotions through movement. Furthermore, she is motivated to raise awareness about her community on as large a scale as possible, which could include another televised appearance shortly.

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