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The Shocking Resignation of New Zealand Minister Jacinda Ardern

Jacinda Ardern Resigns As New Zealand Prime Minister

Jacinda Ardern is standing down as Prime Minister of New Zealand. Arden made the surprise revelation during her party’s annual caucus on Thursday local time, announcing she will not run for re-election and will step down no later than Feb. 7. “I understand what this job entails. And I know I don’t have enough gas in the tank to give it right. It’s as simple as that, “Arden declared. She added that she made this decision after considering whether she had enough energy to govern the country until the next general election, which is planned for Oct. 14.

Jacinda Ardern Statement:

Ardern, 42, stated at her party’s annual caucus in the beachside town of Napier that “it’s time” for her to go on and that she “no longer had enough” for her premiership. She also announced a general election on October 14. “I’m going because such a fortunate position comes with great responsibility,” Ardern told her audience. “The ability to recognise when you are the right person to lead and when you are not. I understand what this work entails. And I know I don’t have enough gas in the tank to give it right. It’s as easy as that.” Ardern, 37, became the world’s youngest female leader in 2017. Her last day at work will be February 7.

Geoffrey Miller Statement For Jacinda Ardern Resigns As New Zealand Prime Minister:

“We were not anticipating this today,” said Geoffrey Miller, a geopolitical expert with the Wellington-based non-profit Democracy Project. “It was something that commentators had considered and asked since the end of last year… and she very convincingly indicated she was staying and wasn’t going anywhere.” Miller described Ardern’s last six years as “busy,” with disasters and tragedies propelling her to global superstardom. He claims Ardern has become more well-known than any previous New Zealand prime minister from the pandemic and a volcanic eruption.

What Happens Next?

The Labour Party’s caucus will vote for a new leader on Sunday, and Ardern plans to stay in Parliament until April. Later Thursday, Ardern said she had no plans beyond that and was “looking forward to spending time with my family again,” whom she said had likely sacrificed the most since she became prime minister in 2017. “As for Neve, mum is excited to be there when you start school,” she added of her four-year-old daughter. “And to Clarke, let’s finally tie the knot.” In January last year, Ardern and her fishing-show host partner, Clarke Gayford, delayed their wedding due to COVID restrictions.

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