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The real state of Jeremy Renner’s health is much worse than what everyone knows, insiders claim

Jeremy Renner put a brave face on his new social media post during the hospital stay, but according to insider sources, the actor’s condition is more severe than anyone realises.

52-year-old Renner has been in the ICU since the accident happened on January 1st. The accident occurred at the Lake Tahoe cabin; in the accident, he was almost entirely crushed by the seven-ton snow plough.

Actors sister Kym Renner said to the media, “we are so concerned about his health progress”. “we all know about Jeremy , he is figter and will soon recover with this mess. But for now, he is not achieved his prgress goals. We couldn’t get more positive vibes.”

Jeremy had severe injuries

jeremy renner health condition

Source: Marca

Renner is currently active on social media and continues posting after being airlifted to the hospital. He posted on January 3, “Thank you all for your kind words. 🙏. I’m too messed up now to type. But I send love to you all,” while an online news media post that the condition of Renner is more than worse than anyone knows”.

Another source tells RadarOnline, “Jeremy is very aware that he almost died out there. The right side of Jeremy’s chest was crushed, and his upper torso had collapsed. He also had a bleeding head wound and a leg injury.”

He needs reconstructive work

He was feeling difficulty taking his breath also he was suffering from a lot of pain. He also knew that he was in bad shape and might not get out of this. At this time, he needs reconstructive work through surgery.

jeremy renner health condition

Source : Instagram

According to internal sources, Renner will undergo more surgeries in the upcoming weeks. According to the doctors, he had done two surgeries and most probably required more in the following weeks. Doctors are waiting for the body’s natural healing process to process upcoming surgeries.

According to some family members, Renner is hopeful about his health condition. Although he is a fighter, as told by his sister. “Renner’s doing everything right, he is pretty doped and he’s got tube to help him breathe; he is fighting very well with his condition, and he will get through all of this.” said his sister.

It’s a long road to recovery

Renner is receiving tons of messages about his health. His fans message him from all over the world. Now Renner feels very overwhelmed and grateful for all this good stuff. However, It’s a long way to his recovery, and fans are sending their wishes for early recovery.

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