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Lawyers for Usain Bolt claim $12.7m is missing from his account

On Wednesday, the lawyer of Usain Bolt said that more than $12.7 m is missing from the account of a private investment firm in Jamaica. The lawyer of Bolt, Linton P Gordon, provided the documents and sent the necessary letter to Stocks & Securities Limited demanding that the money be returned.

The former Olympic champions had $12.8m, but now the account shows only $12,000. In the letter, Bolt’s lawyers said, ” We are hoping that this is not correct in any case it is true, then it is a serious act of fraud against our clilent”.

The Lawyer threatened civil and criminal action if the amount was not returned to the account within ten days.

usain bolt

Source: Newser

As per the current situation, Stocks & Securities Limited has not yet said anything about this case. As of now, on its website, the company told all visitors to send their queries to Jamaica’s Financial Services Commission.

Jamaica Financial Services commission is currently investigating the firm. The company released a statement ” We can understand clients situation, all are feeling anxious at this time to find more information, and they want to ensure their money is safe.

At present, we are cloesly looking in the situation, and we will alert all our clients as soon as we recive some information.”

The company also said this fraud was found earlier this month, and many clients were missing millions of dollars.

usain bolt

Source: Sportsnet

Nigel Clarke, finance minister of Jamaica, said, “it is a very unusual and alarming situation for us” he further said, ” It is not corrcet at this time to mark a question on our financial institutions , but i also assure you that we don’t paint on hard working industry with the help of few dishonest individuals”.

On Monday, Jamaica’s Financial Services Commission announced that they are appointing a special auditor to find all the minor things in this fraud allegation based on the capital of Kingston. At the same time, on the same day, Bolt’s lawyers sent the letter to the company.

Apart from all of this, Bolt is one the great track athlete of all time. He had world records in the 100-meter, 200-meter, and 4×100-meter relay. Usain bolt took retirement in 2017; he has a huge number of sponsorship deals.

If we talk about his earnings, he earned more than $33m from appearance fees, prize money, and sponsorship deals in the year 2016, making him the highest-earning track athlete worldwide.

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