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Alex Maina Ochogo trial update: Inmate complains of bedbug infestation in prison

Alex Maina Ochogo, the main suspect in Baby Sagini’s case, has been imprisoned since December. In prison, he complained of lice and bedbugs. Let’s take a closer look at the Alex Maina Ochogo trial update.

Alex Maina Ochogo trial update

The chief suspect, Alex Maina Ochogo, and his accomplices were presented in court for an event in which baby Junior Sagini’s eyes were gouged out. Police are escorting suspects who are accused of gouging out the eyes of infant Sagini. The defendant, Alex Maina Ochogo, was charged alongside Sagini’s grandmother Pacificah Nyakerario and aunt Rael Mayaka. Ochogo and the other defendants appeared in Kisii court before Senior Resident Magistrate Christine Ogweno.

Inmate complains of bedbug infestation:

Mr Morara also condemned users on social media for invading the privacy of infant Sagini by revealing confidential details about his health. He highlighted a tweet from well-known Kisii-based campaigner Esnahs Nyaramba as an example. According to Mr Morara, the activist left a note indicating that she had given up attempting to help baby Sagini receive justice due to her “frustrations.” “One of the minors is a critical witness undergoing a series of procedures, including counselling and assistance with recovery following the tragic occurrence. In essence, qualified personnel are providing psychological care to the two youngsters.

The court upholds privacy:

Mr Morara stated that multiple social media users had covered the children’s conditions, so violating their privacy. “The court stresses the need and importance of protecting the minor’s privacy… Social media users are advised to avoid invading children’s privacy. Ms Ogweno stated that the next pretrial hearing would be held on March 2 this year. On December 14, last year, Baby Sagini was discovered dumped in a maise field, his eyes gouged out.

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