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A year later, Carole Baskin’s ‘dead’ husband was found alive

Carole Baskin claimed that her husband was still alive. Don Lewis, the ex-husband of the Tiger King star, was reportedly found alive in Costa Rica, and the news is flooding the internet one year later.

According to New York Post reports, Carole Baskin’s husband announced dead in 2002 after disappearing a few years ago, but is alive and living well, told by Carole to ITV in the show “This Morning”.

Baskin told the news agency that she was unaware of her husband till the sequel series was broadcast in November 2021. She pointed to her Big Cats blog to the New York Post,” I was not aware until the series TK2 aired”.

carole baskin husband found alive

Source: Netflix

She revealed in the interview, “Homeland Security reached out the seriff’s Detective George Fernandez, and they said my husband is alive and living very well in Costa Rica.”

Don’t Lewis, the ex-husband of the Tiger King, disappeared in 1997. He disappeared at age 59 and would be 84 if he were still alive today. The New York Post has contacted Baskin, the Department of Homeland Security, to search more about this case.

On the other side, Lewis has not made any public statements about rumours that he had died. Basin Told ITV, ” Homeland Security said that Lewis has still alive, i don’t know how they found about Lewis and how they claimed that he was living in Costa Rica, but afterall i’m gld to hear all this stuff.” 

carole baskin husband found alive

Source: Facebook

Baskin was famous back in 2020 in the Netflix docu-series that followed the different adventures of the big-cat keeper, Joseph Maldonado-Passage.

During this Netflix series, Maldonago-Passage accused Baskin repeatedly of being connected to her ex-husband’s death. After he mysteriously went missing in 1997 after a marriage of six years.

While Baskin always denied the allegations of Maldonado-Passage, which notably that she fed her ex-husband’s body to animals. She said, “I don’t know who are spreading these roumours of Carole Baksin was involved in this. i think these all are the just publicity stunt.”

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