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John Roger Berg Murder | In what place is Vincent “Vinnie” Spoto now?

Joh Roger Berg Die

In November 1984, the local people of Colorado Springs were stunned when John-Roger Berg was shockingly murdered in his home. After all of this, the Police were shocked after watching the brutality of the crime scene and found the contrast between the statements of witnesses. Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda’s new episode “My Case to Solve” explores a different type of case and shows how the police catch the killer. In this article, you will learn all details about this case.

How Did John Roger Berg Murder

John Roger Berg worked as a disc jockey at the Candlelight Inn in Colorado. He was in His early 30s at that time. His loved ones describe him as a very genuine and intelligent person who is always passionate about writing, music and art.

Also, Roger was very charming by nature and always helped another person. His death caused a tragic blow to his friends and family member when he was cruelly murdered on an ominous morning in November 1984.

Joh Roger Berg Die


Police received a call in the early morning on November 28, 1984. A lady Named Melinda Deeringer said her boyfriend had been shot in her bed. When the police came to the spot, they saw the woman frantically moving and inside Roger lying dead in the bedroom.

There is a massive wound on their neck of Roger. After getting the reports of the dead body revealed that more minor gunshot wounds also had on the other side of Roger’s neck.

According to the autopsy reports, Roger had been shot through a .357 Magnum in direct contact with his neck. The gunshot caused a severe wound on the neck and passed from the other side of the victim’s neck, killing him instantly.

Murderer of John Roger Berg

According to Melina, she and David had gone on a few dates, but David took it wrong and when he saw Roger with me sparked jealousy, and then he returned with Vinny and tried to threaten me to choose between her two lovers.

At that time, Vinay lived with David in his house. When police tried to search both of them, they did not find either of them. Both were run away from the town after the incident.

Joh Roger Berg Die


In the TV show, investigators theorized that after the incident, David tried to talk to his mom to confess his crime and told her he was hiding in New York City. But When police brought them back to Colorado, David had a different account of what transpired on November 27, 1984.

Where is Vincent “Vinny” Spoto Today?

Vincent, aka Vinny, was charged with first-degree murder in charge of murder and crime of violence. He said that he shot Roger in Self- defence and refused to plead guilty. Both criminals were released after serving their sentences.

After that, they returned to their regular lives. Currently, Vinny maintains his privacy regarding his whereabouts, while David reportedly resides in Snowmass, Colorado.

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