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How Did Aaron Laigaie Die? What happened to Aaron Laigaie?

Our news of Aaron Laigaie’s passing, one of the Proud Boys’ co-founders, is accompanied by deep sorrow. On Friday, January 13, 2023, Laigaie lost her battle with the coronavirus and passed away. Just 38 years old, he was. To learn more about him, keep reading.

Who was Aaron Laigaie and what happened to him?

Aaron Laigaie was a well-known figure in the American far-right political movement and an outspoken ally of Donald Trump when he was president. He was also a well-known COVID skeptic who insisted he had a “natural resistance” to the virus. Sadly, it appears that despite his resistance, the illness did not befall him. The tragic loss of Laigaie serves as a stark reminder of the perils of the coronavirus and the value of taking preventative measures. He was young and seemed to be in good health, but the virus still took his life.

What was the cause of Aaron Laigaie’s death and how did he pass away?

On January 13, 2023, Aaron Laigaie, a co-founder of the extreme right-wing organization known as the MT Baker Proud Boys, passed away. Aaron Laigaie’s death was first reported with conflicting details as to its precise cause; however, it was later determined that he had passed away due to COVID-19 coronavirus disease complications. Given Aaron’s assertions that he had a “natural resistance” to COVID and his COVID-denying views, this was especially troubling and perplexing. He battled COVID-19 for three and a half weeks in the hospital’s medical urgent care unit, according to reports, before dying peacefully in the company of his loved ones in a hospice home. Both his family and his community find Aaron Laigaie’s passing to be tragic.

Memorials For Aaron Laigaie’s Death.

EnemyInAState’s Chris Turnbull.

Aaron Laigaie, a prominent member of the far-right group “Proud Boy,” who favored Donald Trump and denied covid, reportedly passed away from covid.

Chris Turnbull from enemyinstate.

To recap, if you look at this picture, you can see that he appears to have COVID sepsis due to the redness and blaoting in his face rather than the red eyes (conjunctivitis) and pale skin on his arms.


Aaron Laigaie, a proud boy who didn’t take Covid seriously, is now a meamber of 0.1 of the dead. Enjoy yourself in hell.

The necessity of receiving a COVID-19 vaccination is also emphasized by this. Our best chance of avoiding contracting this deadly disease for both ourselves and others is the vaccine. Please receive the vaccine as soon as possible if you qualify.

Tragically, Aaron Laigaie passed away. During this trying time, our thoughts are with his family and friends. Additionally, we would like to remind our readers to please take all reasonable safety measures to guard themselves against coronavirus and, if appropriate, to receive the disease’s vaccine.

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