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When did ms Holla Pass Away? TikTok Fame Grandma Died At 97

Not every day that a wholesome person becomes an online celebrity on TikTok, but that’s precisely what occurred for Ms Holla, or Grandma Holla, until her unexpected death on January 14, 2023, which her family announced on social media. But how did Grandma Holla pass away? Her fans are curious about her death and may be perplexed about what transpired. Grandma Holla, aka Helen Davis, a TikTok Grandma, passed away at the age of 97. In further detail, let’s look at how Grandma Holla died and her cause of death.

When did ms Holla Pass Away?

Grandma Holla, known for her amusing social media videos, died on January 15, 2023, at 97. The Lottery Frappe and Laughs page posted a video message confirming Grandma Holla’s passing. Her grandchildren confirmed Grandma Holla’s death. She discussed Queen Holla’s death in a live broadcast on the Lottery Frappe and Laughed Facebook page. After learning of her death, Grandma Holla’s fans and followers left poignant remarks in the comments area.

Who is ms Holla?

Grandma Holla, aka Helen Davis, was a popular TikTok figure renowned for her witty comments and for speaking her mind in her videos. Grandma Holla had an extensive social media following before she became famous. Her granddaughter films her and posts them on social media channels. Grandma Holla rose to prominence after R&B singer Toni Braxton.

This increased Holla’s renown, and she got many new followers. As a result, Grandma has over a million followers. She provides opinions on various themes, such as relationships, celebrities, and healthy eating. This 96-year-old seasoned lady became renowned in many videos for speaking her opinion, cussing whenever she pleased, and just saying what she thought. Many of her films have others speaking with her at home, in a car, or simply asking her questions. In general, she provides insight on a wide range of topics. She made many people laugh and smile.

The Death of Grandma Holla was a Rumour:

In 2022, speculations about TikTok star Grandma Holla’s death surfaced on social media. As reports of her death spread like wildfire, the social media star gained more attention than usual. Many people believed she had died, even though no reliable information was available online. On the other hand, the entertainer’s daughter confirmed her survival on social media. She has said that the allegations of her death are false. Janice Williams shared this on social media: “Hey ,holla is good. She’s at home right now, eating cereal.” Internet fans have mistaken Grandma Holla’s death for the death of another content provider online known as Ms Holla. Social media users mistook Ms Holla’s death for Grandma Holla’s death.

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