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Frank Thomas Passes Away At The Age Of 93

Frank Thomas Passes Away Suddenly:

According to Mets and Pirates statements, three-time All-Star Frank Thomas has died. Between 1951 and 1966, Thomas, the Hall of Fame designated hitter who spent 16 seasons with the White Sox, played for seven teams.

Who is the Frank Thomas?

Pirates were his first eight major league seasons, and he was a member of the Pirates Alumni Association for over 30 years. “Frank was happy to call the city of Pittsburgh home not only as a Pirates player but also as a guy who had spent his entire life here,” Pirates President Travis Williams stated in a press release. “He was a family man who was constantly present at alumni association events.”

The Career of Frank Thomas:

Frank Thomas, often known as “The Original” or “Big Donkey,” had two of the best nicknames in Pirates’ history. He was also inextricably linked to his hometown of Pittsburgh. Thomas grew up in Pittsburgh and moved here when his playing career ended, despite attending high school and seminary in Ontario, Canada. Thomas’ ties to Pittsburgh were honoured on Monday when the Pirates announced his death at 93. “Frank was happy to call Pittsburgh home, but also as a guy who had lived his entire life here,” Pirates president Travis Williams said in a statement.

Tributes to Frank Thomas:

“This is my final shot at baseball,” Thomas stated that day. The Mets and Pirates both issued remarks in response to Thomas’ death. “I’m so grateful,” Thomas’ daughter, Maryanne Pacconi, said in a Mets statement. “Seeing his old teammates meant everything to him. I was overjoyed by how the fans received him. “I was overjoyed to see him back in uniform. We shall cherish those moments for the rest of our lives.” The Pirates were “heartbroken” to learn of Thomas’ death. “Frank was a lifetime Pittsburgher who spent his first eight seasons with the city’s squad. “At this time, we express our sympathies to the Thomas family,” the statement said.

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