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What happened to the master sergeant from Melbourne?

A Melbourne sergeant major took his own life at a south east Melbourne police station on Friday evening. Let’s see more details about the incident in the following sections.

What happened to the Master Sergeant of Melbourne?

Senior Moorabbin Police Officer Found Dead: The Moorabbin Police Department mourns the loss of one of its senior sergeants in Melbourne. After the senior officer died, authorities launched an investigation into the cause of death. He passed away on Friday evening January 13, 2023. The family of the deceased has not yet released his name and the family has asked the community to respect his privacy at a time like this.

The sergeant major of the Victoria Police was found dead in a station in south Melbourne. Moorabbin Police Station was confirmed to be where the body of a police officer was discovered. On Friday evening, a senior sergeant from a South East Melbourne police station committed suicide and died in the station. 

Staff Sergeant’s cause of death

Although authorities have not yet confirmed the death of Moorabbin’s top police officer, many inquiries regarding why a police officer took his own life have been made since the report of his death. His sympathies are extended to the family of the cop who was discovered dead in Melbourne today.

Victoria Police death: Officer found dead at Moorabbin police station | Herald Sun

Source: Herald Sun

The sheriff’s specialisation issued a proclamation reading, “Melbourne Constable, you will be continually missed yet always remembered.” We all send the Melbourne officer, our fellow soldiers, and our staff our love, pleas, compassion, and sympathy.

Tribute for the Melbourne officer

O divine force of the living and the dead, accept the Melbourne police officer who, as far as we know, has just stepped into your domain. He gives the young man who was snatched from us eternal youth, peace, and brightness. Can he still see the flare of your brightness and the flame of your devotion in your vast world? He carefully examines the grief brought on by their loss for his family. Walk with them, comfort them, and surround them with divine messengers to deliver them from the depths of their terrible pain. Be kind to our traditional Catholic community as well.

We are like family in our snapshots of triumph and happiness; give us the mental strength to remain in Melbourne as a family now despite our lack of officers. We can comfort one another with expressions of confidence, trust, and love. Convince our hearts that all is well with those who trust in God. This is how it will be.

Is his death suspicious?

A report will be prepared for the coroner and his death is not considered suspicious. It is obvious that the agent was not on duty. The Victoria Police Association expressed condolences to the officer’s family and offered advice for anyone struggling to get help. According to a Facebook post, an officer tragically died in a non-operative incident at Moorabbin Police Station yesterday afternoon.

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