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Donovin Copeland and Billy Don Copeland | Suspects arrested in robberies in the Fort Worth area

Donovin Copeland and Billy Don Copeland both are arrested by the Fort Worth police on the charge of store robbery that resulted in the death of a dog; the incident happened around two weeks ago. Let’s check out the full details.

Details: Donovin Copeland and Billy Don Copeland

Robbery detectives found the both brothers, Dovovind Copeland and Billy Don Copeland. 18-year-old Donovin Copeland was also wanted for many earlier aggravated robberies.

In southwest Forth Worth, near the 6200 block of Vega Drive, the suspect lived in an apartment. When the police took the whole area in their observation, two people were spotted leaving the apartment.

Donovin Copeland and Billy Don Copeland

Source: VistaNaij

Earlier, the Fort Worth Police tweeted about the incident and asked to about the suspects “Aggravated Robbery suspect shoots and kills dog during robbery. Occurred 1/2/23 at 130pm at 6001 N. Main St. If anyone has any information or knows who this suspect is, please get in touch with the assigned detective at 817-392-4115.”

After the whole search and confirmation, police entered the apartment and swiftly took into custody both brothers. At the time of arrest, Billy Copeland had a revolver on him, and police also found another rifle in search of the apartment. Fort Worth Police Department arrested both brothers, while Billy Copeland was charged with harbouring a fugitive and having unlawful possession of weapons.

Police Investigation in the Case

Donovin Copeland and Billy Don Copeland (2)

Source: Mediotopics

A police investigation is still running into the case, and more charges could be filed. Fort Worth police were called after an aggravated robbery at Sunny’s Market at 6001 N, around the main street, on January 2. Fort Worth Police Department released footage that clearly shows an attempt to reach the cash register, at the time of the robbery, the employee’s dog was trying to stop the criminal.

The Dog tried to defend his owner but was shot and died by the suspect. After that, the Guy points the gun to the employee to open the cash counter and takes a key from the employee’s bag. Detective Brian Raynsford, a 12-year veteran of the FWPD’s robbery investigation unit, said that he had never seen this type of criminal activity before in his career.

The dog owner Jaci Anderson said to KXAS-TV that she had owned her dog “Peanut” for the last twelve years. Further, Anderson said to NBC, “Everybody says I am lucky to have my life, but he pretty much stole it from me right then,”

“My baby girl was my best friend, and that store that I can longer step foot in after practically living there for nine years was my life. All those people I saw every day that I can no longer speak to because I don’t want to relive it.”

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