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How did Stuntman Robbie Knievel Die? The Great Stuntman Died At 60

How did Stuntman Robbie Knievel die

Stuntman Robbie Knievel died at 60, according to his brother Kelly Knievel. According to the outlet, Robbie died Friday morning in Reno, Nevada, where he was treated for pancreatic cancer in a hospice. Kelly told the Associated Press that his brother “was a wonderful daredevil” and that the general public “truly does not comprehend how terrifying it is” to be a professional daredevil. “Daredevils don’t have easy lives,” Kelly explained. “Injuries took a toll on him,” Kelly said on Friday.

How did Stuntman Robbie Knievel Die?

Robbie died on Jan. 13 after battling cancer in hospice care, according to TMZ. Members of Robbie’s family revealed the devastating news after he died with his daughters by his side. The family did not say how long Robbie had been battling pancreatic cancer, and many fans were unaware of his illness. The family has not yet discussed funeral arrangements or planned for public memorials. However, more information may become available in the coming days.

Robbie Knievel Career:

As a father, so son. Robbie Knievel not only followed his father, but he also made history. Robbie appeared destined to follow Evel’s stuntman path when he performed for the first time in Evel’s Madison Square Garden show at eight. Most famously, in 1989, Robbie outdid his father by successfully jumping the fountains. Robbie’s other notable accomplishments include a 150-foot jump above tractor-trailer vehicles at the Spotlight 29 Casino in Coachella, California, his final stunt in 2011. In addition, on the Las Vegas Strip in 1998, Robbie dazzled the crowd by jumping over not one, not ten, but thirty limousines.

Robbie Knievel Notable Career:

Robbie Knievel also made headlines with jumps over a row of limos at the Tropicana Hotel in 1998, two buildings at the Jockey Club in 1999, and a New Year’s Eve jump amid fireworks in front of a volcano feature at The Mirage on December 31, 2008. Robbie Knievel said his father always wanted to jump the outstanding natural landmark in Arizona but never did after a crash-landing to complete a motorbike leap over a 220-foot gap at an Indian reserve outside Grand Canyon National Park in 1999. In his collision, Robbie Knievel shattered his leg. In September 1974, Evel Knievel attempted to fly over a mile-wide abyss in Idaho’s Snake River Canyon.

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