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Darnell Calhoun, Riverside County Deputy Killed in Lake Elsinore, Details of Suspect

Darnell Calhoun was the riverside County deputy, and recently on the 13th of January 2023, he has directly been killed by a bullet just after two weeks of the same incident as another deputy was brutally injured during a shooting incident just two weeks back and the domestic violence in the local area is directly increasing to a great extent. Previously, that individual survived the shooting incident and did not die, but certainly, the deputy was dead this time. He was just 30 years old and was on duty and could not survive the incident in the evening. It is estimated that the overall incident occurred at 4:30 p.m., and the violence was related to a child custody issue.

Darnell Calhoun killed

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Darnell Calhoun Killed

Darnell Calhoun is the recent Riverside deputy County killed near lake Elsinore. He was just 30 years old in the situation when he was killed and reportedly was in a very brutal condition after the shooting incident directly took place. His wife was recently pregnant, and he was not at all a negative person mentioned by his local colleague during a press conference as he stated that he was the most cheerful personality. Certainly, the death of such a good individual has caused a very bad situation across the deputy department as he was a very good individual. Certainly, the brutal shooting incident was not supposed to happen against them.

Darnell Calhoun Murder

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Murder Details of Darnell Calhoun

Darnell Calhoun has certainly been murdered on the 13th of January 2023 while he was on his deputy duty, and he was working very efficiently on his job. As the incident started at 4:30 p.m., he was working. During a child custody issue, a very brutal shooting took place in the locality, and that was the reason for which he certainly died, as he could not manage the brutal shooting incident. He couldn’t survive the overall incident. There were local people present in the local area who could have directly stated to the local police department to gain whether the suspect was caught or not.

Darnell Calhoun Investigation

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Investigation Details of Darnell Calhoun

No serious investigation was required for the overall case as it was a brutal shooting incident. The suspect was also hit by a bullet during the incident and was taken to a similar hospital, where the deputy died. The suspect was also in a very critical condition. There has not been any information available about the identity of the suspect. It is also expected that if the suspect survives the overall incident, there will be high enforcement and charges against them. He is currently under the arrest of the police department and certainly is undergoing treatment under the police itself.


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Details available regarding the suspect

During the incident, the suspect was directly wounded in the brutal shooting. As it was a very dangerous shooting incident, anyone could not survive. During the overall incident, the police officers certainly were able to control the incident. Still, the suspect went under a lot of brutal hitting; that was the reason for which the suspect had to take a bullet. In that situation, he got critically injured and was taken to a similar hospital, where the deputy died. The suspect’s identity is not released as it has been decided that the overall details will be revealed after he has been cured of the Injuries. The incident was very sad and certainly, whatever happened was difficult for the deputy department to accept.

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