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When and how did Benny Zulu die? The cause of death of a jailed former family health trust director

While serving his death sentence, former Family Health Trust executive director Ben Zulu died suddenly at Mukobeko Maximum Security Correctional Facility.

When and how did Benny Zulu die? Cause of Death in Detail

Mr Zulu, while serving his death sentence, suddenly collapsed and passed away. According to the officials, Zulu’s sudden demise might be cardiac arrest, and the attempts to revive him failed. Zulu, for slaying a 19-year-old girl Natasha Mkandawire was given a death sentence by Lusaka High Court judge Wilfred Muma in May of Last year.

Zulu abducted Natasha from her home in the Ngwerere neighbourhood of Lusaka and shot her. He then dumped her body in a bush in the Mpandika region, Chief Mungule, Chibombo District.

Zulu was found guilty of his charges, with proof stating that a gun was discovered in Zulu’s home and bloodstains were found on Zulu’s car. According to judge Muma Zulu was the last person seen with the victim.

Benny Zulu died

Image Source: The Zambian Observer

Zulu Murdered Natasha Mkandawire: Details of the Case

Zulu was found guilty of the murder of Natasha Mkandawire on July 9, 2019, and has been condemned to death by the Lusaka High Court. Zulu attempted to frame a police officer who was the victim’s other love for the murder. Moreover, he claimed that he was attacked by unknown people in the Ngwerere area while spending quality time with his deceased lover.

Instead of reporting the incident immediately, he noted in the evening the following day after burning his t-shirt soiled with Natasha’s blood. He claimed that he parked his car by the roadside, and an unknown person knocked on the window and shot Natasha dead.

Benny Zulu died

Image Source: News Diggers

The victim sustained a deep cut on the right side of her forehead. Judge Muma said it was tough to differentiate the bullet wounds on the deceased body from the bullet holes on Zulu’s motor vehicle, which had blood stains on the front seat. Moreover, a pistol was also found in Zulu’s home during the investigation.

“I do not doubt in any way that the accused led the police to the scene where the body was found. The accused was with the deceased at the time of her death. The accused was the last person to have been with the deceased. In this matter, the evidence highlighted is so strong against the accused that there is no room for speculation,” judge Muma said.

“In any event, if the accused was attacked whilst he was with the deceased, why did he neglect to report to the police immediately after the incident occurred? All this demonstrates the guilty mind of the accused. It is no doubt the accused shot the deceased and went to dump the body to a place where he subsequently led the police.”

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