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Waffler69, Aka Taylor, a Tiktok Celebrity, Died of a Heart Attack; Tiktoker Dies Aged 33; What Occurred to Him?

Waffler69, a renowned TikTok user known for experimenting with strange meals and beverages on the site, has died. In more detail, let’s examine Taylor, a popular TikTok user known as Waffler69.

Taylor, Aka Waffler69, Who was He?

Waffler69 was 33 years old when he died. A heart attack is suspected of having caused his death. Waffler69 rose to prominence with his films in which he ate unusual meals.

What Happened to TikTok Star Waffler69, also Known as Taylor?

Taylor LeJeune, a popular TikTok food reviewer whose actual name was wafffler69, died unexpectedly at 33.

“My brother Taylor… he went suddenly about 10 p.m. on January 11th, 2023, following a supposed heart attack,” Clayton Claydorm said in a TikTok video. This is still relatively new. I’m not sure what will happen soon… so I thought I’d jump on TikTok and let everyone know.” Taylor’s brother, who goes by the Twitter handle @Claydorm, verified the news to TMZ. According to Clayton, Taylor (Waffler69) had phoned his mother after feeling ill, but when things deteriorated, he asked an ambulance to transport him from his Louisiana home to a hospital. Taylor went away to the hospital. On his TikTok profile, Claydorm published a link to a GoFundMe campaign to seek money for his mother, who he said: “had to pay for my brother’s funeral, as well as the medical expenditures.”

Waffler69’s Bio:

Waffler69, a prominent social media user, produces daily video material. He had 1.7 million TikTok followers, and most of his videos were about food. He posted films where he tried out different dishes and shared his thoughts to propose certain foods to viewers. At the same time, Waffler69 enjoyed trying new things and was always open to recommendations from his admirers.

Tiktok star Waffler69 aka Taylor die


Waffler69 was successful by eating unusual foods, such as a premade hamburger. In some of his most well-known flicks, he was shown consuming damaged food, including out-of-date canned foods and cereal, created under permission and distributed initially in 1989 to promote Tim Burton’s Batman picture. In previous videos, he prepared dinners with Dollar Tree goods. Viewers also like the unexpected antique VHS cassettes and DVDs in his shows.

As a result of his success, he ultimately began selling things in Cameo and even developed his own Waffler Seasoning. Waffler69’s taste testing comprised boxes of out-of-date and unique promotional cereal, a massive Fruit Loop in great demand, and even corn dogs with Asian flavours. In several of his most famous documentaries, he contrasted similar menu items from other fast food restaurants.

Taylor eagerly sampled everything, from fried grasshoppers to canned beef tripe. In addition to more Instagram and YouTube followers, he acquired 1.7 million TikTok followers. He has been making videos since 1996.

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