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Black Lives Matter founder’s cousin was tased to death by the LAPD

Keenan Ander, the cousin of Patrisse Cullors, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter, claimed that the Los Angeles Police Department killed her cousin. Let’s see all things in the details.

Is Really LAPD kill Keenan Anderson

Keenan Anderson was killed by Los Angeles police when he was stuck in a traffic accident. At the same time, the police officers repeatedly Tased and restrained him at the spot, as seen in the video footage and informed by a family member of him. In the Video footage, 31-year-old, Keenan Anderson was seen pleading for help to several officers. The video was made public on Wednesday. At one point in the footage, Anderson said, “They are trying to George Floyd me”.

In the video footage, Anderson was lying on the road while one police officer had his elbow on his neck. The other officer tased Anderson for around 30 seconds without any break and again for 5 seconds more. His cousin Cullors talked to the Guardian after watching the video footage “My cousin was asking for help, and he didn’t receive it. He was killed,”

black lives matter Keenan Anderson

Source: Hollywood Unlocked

“Nobody deserves to die in fear, panicking and scared for their life. My cousin was scared for his life. He spent the last 10 years witnessing a movement challenging the killing of Black people. He knew what was at stake and he was trying to protect himself. Nobody was willing to protect him.”

Cause of death

Keena Anderson passed away after being Tased by a Police officer at a traffic stop, as claimed by her cousin, Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors. Further, she claimed that her cousin was one of three people killed this year by the LAPD. She wrote on Instagram that the reason behind the death was Police aggression. She posted on Instagram

“This is my cousin Keenan Anderson. He was killed by LAPD in Venice on January 3rd, 2023. My cousin was an educator and worked with high school aged children. He was an English teacher. LAPD has killed three people this year. One of them is my family member. Keenan deserves to be alive right now, his child deserves to be raised by his father. Keenan we will fight for you and for all of our loved ones impacted by state violence. I love you.”
#JusticeForKeenan #BlackLivesMatter

People are reacting on the Video Footage

black lives matter Keenan Anderson

Source: Fox 11

This same exact event happened in LA where an award was made for $5.5 million. The person had cocaine in his system and was tazed excessively and died. Surely these officers should have know of that previous incident.

He def over tased him but up to that point, I feel like the officer actually tried to do the best he could. I’m not sure if the victim had mental issues or was on something but I don’t believe the taser alone killed him. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Disturbing and painful any way you slice it, but thanks for posting. A life was lost, and the cops need better training. The whole thing is tragic.

From the outset, after seeing his erratic behavior I thought to myself that he was high on drugs. And sure enough, he was high on drugs.

Please BLM no rallies, speeches, or “peaceful riots.”

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