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Ashton Torgerson Accident: What Happened to Ashton Torgerson?

The Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals is an indoor midget car race held each year in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and on Wednesday, fans were left stunned after a terrifying incident. Fans saw Ashton Torgerson’s automobile flip many times during the accident. The 16-year-old Oregon native was thrown from the vehicle. Medical staff raced over to him and took him to the hospital.

Ashton Torgerson Accident:

In the Chili Bowl accident, race car driver Ashton Torgerson was catapulted from his seat. Read everything about the Chili Bowl vehicle accident involving Ashton Torgerson, 16, who was ejected and badly injured in the crash. The incident occurred during the Lucas Oil Chili Bowls Nationals, an indoor midget car race held yearly in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The unexpected event surprised the fans, who immediately began praying for Torgerson’s rapid recovery.

Who is Ashton Torgerson?

Ashton Torgerson is an Oklahoma auto racer. On June 24, 2005, a 16-year-old boy was born. He graduated from Crater Lake Academy and cited Kyle Larson as an inspiration. Last year, Torgerson won the Adobe Mountain Speedway. He was racing his midget car in the Chili Bowls this week. Unfortunately, he was involved in a terrifying accident that injured him gravely.

Tragic Accident:

The tragedy involving Ashton Torgerson occurred on the 11th lap of Wednesday night’s Chili Bowl event when the racer competed in his debut midget race. Ashton’s car did a terrifying flip, ejecting him from the vehicle. He was in eighth place at the time of the incident. His automobile collided with the outside retaining wall, causing a barrel roll with multiple flips. Rescue crews raced to the site just as his car halted, and the race was declared red-flagged. Fortunately, Ashton Torgerson remained conscious following the vehicle collision. He was brought by ambulance to a hospital in Tulsa, where he is being treated for the injuries he incurred in the incident.

What Happened to Ashton Torgerson?

While Ashton Torgerson’s status was stable, he was brought to the hospital in an ambulance. The ambulance remained at the track centre for several minutes as the patient was stabilised for the travel over the dirt track. Torgerson Racing’s public relations firm, Petersen Media, provided an update on the injured racer’s condition. “At the hospital, Ashton is awake and alert. He has sensation in his hands and feet and has passed all of his testings thus far,” they noted in a tweet. “He’s presently being scanned. “We will continue to keep you updated,” they said. Torgerson Racing provided an update on the racer’s status as well.

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