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Who is Kelsey Nichole Turner? Ex-model gets prison on the slaying of a California doctor.

Kelsey Nichole Turner, an ex-model, was sentenced to prison for the murder of a California doctor in Las Vegas. Kelsey Nichole Turner, a former men’s magazine model, was sentenced to in jail in Nevada on Tuesday for the murder of a doctor whose body was discovered in the trunk of her car in 2019. Learn more about Kelsey Nichole Turner and why she murdered the doctor.

Who is Kelsey Nichole Turner?

Kelsey Nichole Turner, also known as Badd Barbie, is an American fashion model born on May 5, 1993. She has appeared in magazines such as OneTen, Maxim, and Playboy Italy. In 1993, in Norfolk, Virginia, Turner was born in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Her studies at Arkansas State University were completed. When she was modeling, she also lived in Salinas, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Turner’s modeling career includes:

Turner’s modeling career began in lingerie and swimwear, with appearances in Maxim, Playboy, Players Magazine, Fire and Ice, Modelmania, and OneTen. She has also been on the covers of OneTen, Conceited, and Dream Vixens. Turner is renowned for her parts in films such as Wally, Got Wasted in 2018, and The Promise in 2011. Turner and a partner co-founded the clothing company Badd Barbie in 2021. Turner has also been subjected to domestic violence at the hands of her ex-boyfriend. She has two children and lived in the central city of Salinas before moving to Nevada. Turner married Taylor Holmes in 2010, and the couple divorced in 2013. Eventually, that year, she married Joe Turner, with whom she later divorced.

Turner is sentenced to prison for the death of a California doctor in Las Vegas:

To avoid going to trial, Kelsey Nichole Turner, 29, entered an Alford plea in November. In the case of the murder in Salinas, California, physician Thomas Kirk Burchard, 71, admitted that the prosecution might prove second-degree murder. She understood that the trial might prove second-degree murder in the death of a 71-year-old psychiatrist. Turner, a former Maxim and Playboy Italia model, stayed silent in court.

What happens to the CA doctor?

According to police and prosecutors, Turner had “an intimate relationship” with Burchard, and Kennison shared a house with Diana Nicole Pena. Burchard’s longtime Salinas lover Judy Earp reported him missing when he went missing. Turner, Kennison, and Pena looked to have fled the house soon after Burchard died, according to the police. The Clark County coroner ruled that Burchard died by being struck in the head, producing a characteristic pattern, as stated by police.

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