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What is the status of Jessica Mayse, the missing woman?

A 34-year-old resin artist Jessica Maye has gone missing for the last few days. Jessica runs her business through Instagram; she has been missing for the previous few days. Still, the real cause is unknown why the artist is missing. Her family members and friends were also feeling very tense after this news.

Jessica Mayse Missing details

Jessica Mayse

Source: Instagram

There has been no news from Jessica in the last few days, and her friend circle is now very concerned about her missing. She was last seen on January 1 night; now the police are trying to find clues about where Jessica Mayse is now. Jessica was missing from January 1, 2023, and last seen in Commerce City at 1.00 AM. The suspecting thing has arrived here. She left her home without taking any of her friends or family member.

Personal details about Jessica Mayse

Jessica is a famous resin artist, and she gained more popularity through Instagram. 5’3” is height of Jessica while 165 LBS weight along with brown hair. Still, there is no clue or current information about Jessica. On 29 December, she posted on Instagram about her mental health “I’m not doing very well mentally, and I know a lot of you are aware how hard of a year I’ve had. There’s no valid PHYSICAL reason for my pain, I can’t tell you where it’s coming from, but I can say this, I’m shattering.”

Jessica Mayse

Source: Instagram

Jessica wrote a lengthy post on Instagram and told about all her dilemmas. Further, he wrote, “I need a little more empathy and compassion, I know I’ve kept some of you waiting, and if you are patient enough to wait for your order, I promise you’ll get far more than you paid for. My wait times have been drastically extended this month, and I only have a few orders. But I sit in my room every day and cry all day and night, and I can’t say why.

Customers posting about Jessica on Instagram

this is so concerning… the missing person photo her ex posted looks like he erased another name under hers and photoshopped her info in, and apparently, the tip line website he gave has no record of her as a missing person. Along w that, he’s got complete control of her account and is posting weird videos on her story. it feels so icky and wrong.

Emma Graves
Sending you love, sweetheart. I miss you, and I want you to come home safe, wherever you are. 🥺💕

If anyone has heard from Panda since 1 am 1/1/23 please let myself or @pankos.crafts know!!!! Panda/Jess is MISSING.

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