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Medical examiner says former NFL receiver Charles Johnson committed suicide

Charles Johnson died
Source: Fox News

Charles Johnson passed away on July 17th last year. His wife Tanisha informed the local authorities that her husband was missing, while on just another day, his dead body was found inside a hotel room in Raleigh. Fifty years old Johnson was a former NFL first-round draft pick. The death of an NFL star remained very mysterious for the last six months. Now North Carolina medical examiner’s report finally announced the exact truth behind his sudden death.

Charles Johnson Cause of death

Charles Johnson died

Source: MARCA

USA Today got the release of the report by the North Carolina medical examiner, and according to the information, the real cause of death is drug overdose. Reportedly he had mirtazapine, hydrocodone and oxycodone in his body at the time of death, while Johnson did not have a prescription for these three drugs.

There is nothing suspicious about Johnson’s death, which has been confirmed as s suicide. Earlier, some news reporters said that the former Patriots were suffering from disabilities due to playing football.

NFL Carrer and NFL stats

Charles Johnson died

Source: ABC11

At the University of Colorado between 1990 and 1993, Johnson spent four years; that time, he was a star wide receiver. He also played 11 games for three straight seasons for Colorado Buffaloes before leaving the Freshman. 15 touchdowns and caught 127 passes for 2,447 passing yards in his carrier.

His excellent college performance prompted the Pittsburgh Steelers to draft him in the 1994 NFL draft. Before Joining the Philadelphia Eagles in 1999, he spent five seasons with the team. After spending two years with Philadelphia, in the 2001 NFL season, Johnson joined the New England Patriots. During the part of the New England Patriots, they won the Super Bowl, Tom Brady’s first.

Later in the 2002 NFL, he joined the Buffalo Bills, called it a day on his career, and spent only one season with the team. Johnson finished his NFL career with 354 catches for 4606 yards and 24 touchdowns.

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