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Who is Steven Bartlett’s girlfriend – Melanie Vaz Lopes?

Steven Bartlett’s girlfriend
Source: The Tab

We have to admit that we have a major crush on Steven Bartlett, who stars on the television show Dragon’s Den. He founded the social media marketing company Social Chain, making him the youngest Dragon in history. He also regularly contributes to the hit podcast The Diary of a CEO, which has featured a ton of our favorite celebrities, including Molly-Mae Hague, Liam Payne, and Rochelle Humes. He also happens to be rather attractive. According to rumours, he openly confessed his love for Melanie on the opening night of his The Diary of a CEO Live tour as The House Gospel Choir played Stevie Wonder’s I’ll Be Loving You Always and hearts of confetti dropped from the ceiling. Melanie was said to have been left inconsolable.

Melanie Vaz Lopes, Steven Bartlett’s girlfriend

Melanie, a native of Bordeaux, France, is an businesswoman like Steven and is the owner of Auraya, a company that specializes in wellness and beauty.

Melanie Vaz Lopes and Steven Bartlett met in what way?

In 2016, Melanie and Steven connected on social media after she liked a relationship video he had posted. After exchanging messages online, Melanie and Steven played a game of heads or tails to decide who would travel to meet the other. Melanie ultimately flew to London to be with Steven.

Dragons' Den star Steven Bartlett 'is back together with ex girlfriend Melanie Vaz Lopes' | The Irish Sun

Source: The Irish Sun

What caused Melanie Vaz Lopes and Steven Bartlett to split up?

Before breaking things off to concentrate on his career, Steven dated Melanie for a full year. The businessman has previously acknowledged that his demanding work schedule frequently prevents him from focusing on relationships. He claims that between the hours of, say, seven in the morning and nine in the evening, I am completely in the zone and have complete tunnel vision. I honestly have no idea who exists outside of the offices and other places I work in in terms of my personal and private life. 

So the chances of me engaging in that meaningfully during that time are nonexistent if my family or girlfriend texts or messages me during the day. In the evenings, I’m frequently still thinking about the day, making it difficult to unwind and interact with other people. This strains those relationships. “.

When did Melanie Vaz Lopes and Steven Bartlett reconcile?

After a 22-hour flight to Bali, where Melanie was on vacation, Steven was able to win her back. Despite the fact that she was already involved with someone else when he arrived, they remained together for four days due to Steven’s enormous gesture, and their romance eventually returned.

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