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The three siblings killed in the crash were going to get medicine for their mother, Texas police say

In the Thousand Oaks crash, three people, Evelyn Flores, Julian and Ivan, died in an accident. Now the family members are trying to the fundraiser to pay funeral costs. Let’s look at the whole incident and what happened to the siblings.

What happened in the Thousand Oaks crash

An accident happened at the intersection of Thousand Oaks Drive and Alamo Blanco Street on Sunday at 10.30 PM. In this fatal crash, three people were killed in San Antonio, according to the police. This tragedy badly affected the sibling’s family in San Antonio. A two-vehicle collision on Sunday night claimed the lives of three siblings. After the incident, some close friends and relatives gathered at the spot to pay the tributes. Two younger brothers and her elder sister were killed in this car crash while they are errands for their mother told to Texas police.

Oaks car crash three siblngs


How did the Oaks car crash tragedy happen

22 years old Evelyn Flores, 17 years old van and ten years old Julian were reportedly dead in this accident near Nacogdoches, according to the family members. Aunt of the siblings Francis Flores said, ” the three will never be forgotten, they left the house and travled to took the pharmacy for their mother. We don’t have enough word to express the parent’s emotions. She also ask for prayers for the family and friends”.

A red car turned unsafely at the Alamo Blanco and failed to give way to Jeep Grand Cherokee. The jeep slammed into the right side and crashed into a concrete base.

People are reacting on Social Media 

Oaks car crash three siblngs

Source: WBTV

Mary Z Prado said

 sending love and prayers to the mother and family of these beautiful children. I know there are no words to comfort your broken heart right now but know that God is holding you in his arms during this difficult time. We will be keeping the family in our prayers.

Christina Diaz said

Heartbreaking, there are no words for this mother. Three of her children-gone. God send comfort and healing to this mother; her children are up there with you God but heal this mother’s pain and heartbreak. Prayers momma, God has you!

Joann Lettere Macias said

I hate seeing or reading stuff like this knowing I went thru the same thing 23 yrs ago. I buried my daughter and her two children… I know their pain. Condolences to all involved.

Rachel Soto said

My deepest condolences to the family, my heart goes out to the mother, it is a tough thing to deal with,my prayers go out to her and her family, may the good Lord find your peace; it’s just heartbroken to see it on the news,, OMG God bless y’all always, RIP to the children.

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