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Inside a Surrey home, three individuals were discovered dead in an apparent murder-suicide.

As they gathered outside a Surrey home on Tuesday, where three people’s bodies were discovered the day before, friends and neighbors expressed shock. While homicide investigators continued their work, police did not release the names of the three or many other details about their deaths, despite their belief that they were all members of the same family.

Neighbors and acquaintances recognised Leo Li, Tiffany Li, and their adult son Daniel as the owners of the Fraser Heights home. Jean Zou, who has known the family since 2002 and lived across the street from them, said, “I am stunned since they loved one other and the life they lived.” Leo enjoyed playing golf, skating, and yoga, while Tiffany adored it, according to Zou. They were active. They exercised in the morning and then tutored in the afternoon.”

The pair instructed pupils in their two-story home. The University of Victoria alumnus Daniel, who graduated last year, taught English, Tiffany taught French, Leo taught math and physics, and Tiffany, according to Zou.

On Tuesday, yellow police tape was used to enclose the home of the family. The house was surrounded by RCMP, coroner, and forensics vehicles as police in hazmat gear entered and exited. Later in the day, stretchers were used to transfer the bodies into ready vans.

By adding bouquets of flowers and notes that said “rest in peace” and “peace in heaven,” mourners added to the growing makeshift memorial in the afternoon. “

Murder-suicide suspected cause of 3 deaths in Surrey home, police say | CBC News

Source: CBC

Around noon on Monday, police discovered the bodies of three adults at a residence in the 15600 block of 112th Avenue, according to Sgt. In a release on Tuesday, Timothy Pierotti from the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team stated.

They are viewed as members of the same family, he continued. Although we are not ruling out any possible investigating hypotheses, preliminary data points to the lack of an active suspect. Investigators would hang around the neighbourhood all day and speak with the people.

Tiffany tutored Janey Li’s son in French, and Janey Li told Postmedia that she had sent Tiffany a message around noon on Saturday and thought it odd that Tiffany hadn’t responded. She said she tried again on Sunday and again on Monday morning but received no response.

Whether this was a murder-suicide was a question posed to Pierotti by the CBC.

It seems that way, Pierotti said. “We can state that we think there aren’t any unsolved crimes, unsolved suspects, or unsolved murder weapons. “.

Li Li and Xiao Yan Zhen are the owners of the home, claims B. C. According to property records, the $537,000 purchase price was made in 2009. Based on the evaluation from last July, it was valued at $1.6 million.

According to Connie Kang, Tiffany Li had most recently posted on December and Leo Li, who was in his 50s, were both members of a chat group on WeChat. Twenty images of her snowy backyard. In entries from December, Leo had mentioned how much he enjoyed watching the World Cup soccer matches. Both Zou and Kang stated that they had sent their friends and supporters Christmas wishes.

Friends Tiffany’s parents still live in the same little city outside of Shanghai where Lucy Jiang’s family also originates, according to Lucy Jiang. They are a wonderful family and are very generous. It is quite dismal. Tiffany had planted a variety of flowers, including sunflowers, to attract birds to their backyard, Zou saw, and Jiang added that Tiffany liked gardening. Jiang characterised Daniel, who would be 23 or 24, as a “nice youngster” who wanted to pursue a master’s degree in English.

Piara Singh Beesla and Surjit Kaur Beesla, two neighbors, claimed they didn’t know the family but were horrified to hear of the deaths of their neighbors. One of Surrey’s better neighborhoods, Piara declared. How are you able to feel secure? Surjit said, “It’s really sad.

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