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Who is the customer killed the robber Mexican restaurant? What Happened?

Who is the customer killed robber Mexican restaurant

A customer shot a robbery suspect at a Mexican restaurant in Houston, Texas. Let’s go over the details of the client who killed the robber at a Mexican restaurant.

Who is the Customer?

Police in Texas are seeking a vigilante customer who shot dead a robbery suspect at a Houston taco business, assisted customers in recovering their money, and fled. Surveillance footage from Ranchito #4 Taqueria in southwest Houston captured the event. It shows the man drawing a revolver and fatally shooting the robbery suspect many times, including in the head and back. The robber’s weapon was subsequently identified as a “plastic gun,” most likely an air-soft or BB handgun.

What Happened at the Restaurant?

The occurrence occurred on Thursday at 11:30 p.m. at Ranchito Taqueria, a Mexican restaurant in Houston. Twitter users shared CCTV images of a masked man waving a gun at customers, some of whom were seen sitting beneath tables and demanding money. He proceeded around the tables, and as he was leaving the facility, a customer was seen in the video shooting him in the back. The shocked diners at the restaurant scream in despair as the man hits the thief eight more times until he falls to the ground. After firing the eighth round, the customer picks up his gun and approaches the supposedly dead attacker, hitting him in the head with the ninth fire. The individual was carrying a fake gun made of plastic. The customer then appeared to be assuring everyone in the restaurant that everything was alright after the thief was shot dead. One individual was seen sprinting out as others were slowly getting up.

Statement from the Police:

The suspect, described as a white or Hispanic male, has not been charged, according to Houston police. They want to talk to him about “his role in the shooting,” according to a press release. According to Lt. R. Wilkens of the Houston Police Department, the robbery suspect, who was described as being in his 20s and wearing a black ski mask, entered the Mexican restaurant wielding a firearm and demanding diners’ wallets and cash.
Throughout the confrontation, the vigilante diner was seen grasping for something and then drawing his handgun as the suspect walked by and began toward the exit. According to Houston police, the man, who was described as driving a “70s or 1980s type pickup truck,” fired at least nine rounds. Before the cops arrived, he returned the stolen money to the customers. Several taqueria patrons fled the scene before the police arrived. Pedro Lopez, the taqueria’s owner, indicated that he and his crew are still.

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