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How did Cassie James die? A Renowned Radio Presenter Is No More

How did Cassie James die

Cassie James, a renowned radio host, has died. Let’s take a closer look at Cassie James and his cause of death.

How did Cassie James die?

A renowned Southport radio presenter says she is “devastated, heartbroken, and afraid” after medics told her she only has six months to live. Cassie, who lives in Southport, has previously battled bilateral breast cancer, a brain lesion, and melanoma in her foot and groyne. Cassie has two children: Jonny Wright, a conveyancer who resides in Manchester, and Stacey Wright, an H&M designer who lives in Sweden. Cassie James died after a long fight with cancer. Cancer was found to be inoperable. In August 2016, she was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer. Doctors also identified a lesion in her brain, which they believe was caused by her breast cancer. She was diagnosed with melanoma on the sole of her foot halfway through therapy.

Cassie James Medical History:

Doctors gave a well-known Southport radio personality only six months to live, and she is “devastated, heartbroken, and terrified.” Cassie James, who has cancer, has one chance to live longer: she must earn enough money to pay for an expensive but effective therapy in Israel. This therapy will set you back £120,000. Friends have set up a fundraising page on the Just Giving website where people may donate to aid the 60-year-old mother of two.
Cassie, a radio presenter, said: “I had the shock of my life phone call from the hospital specialist on July 13th saying: “I have six months. I was just informed that I now require specialised care to live. This procedure, which costs £120,000, is exclusively accessible in Israel. I am heartbroken, devastated, and terrified.

Cassie James Struggles:

Cassie had to have the melanoma on the bottom of her foot removed immediately before beginning treatment for her breast cancer. She was on crutches for over four months and had to get radiotherapy for breast cancer at the same time, right after finishing chemo. A year after the melanoma on the bottom was removed, she was told she had melanoma in her crotch. Cassie’s crotch had ten nodes removed, and she had to have surgery. As a result, she was left with excruciating lymphedema pain. Despite her suffering and arduous trials, Cassie continued to work as a volunteer radio broadcaster for the local community radio station Mighty Radio. During the lockdown, she provided incredible support for the Southport community, keeping listeners aware of all the local companies that were open and making deliveries and highlighting others who required assistance.

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