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Why Matt Shultz Arrested? Cage, The Elephant Singer, Is No More

Matt Shultz, the frontman of Cage the Elephant, was detained in New York City on Thursday after police discovered two loaded weapons in his room at the Bowery Hotel. According to Billboard, Shultz was charged with two counts of criminal possession of a gun, citing the NYPD. He lacked a licence for the weaponry he was carrying. The arrest occurred following a response to a 911 phone call at 10 a.m., which indicated that a person possessed a firearm. After being arrested, Matt Shultz spent the night at the 9th Precinct in Lower Manhattan.

In a Motel, Matt Shultz was Carrying a Handgun:

According to the Daily Mail, an employee at Bowery noticed Matt Shultz carrying a pistol. He allegedly had a handgun into the hotel’s restroom on the ground floor. Police informed the publication that they responded the next day after receiving the report and knocked on Matt Shultz’s door. The artist allegedly revealed to cops that he owned two.45 calibre weapons. When asked if he still possessed the guns, Matt Shultz replied that he didn’t know. Shultz was arrested and taken to the 9th precinct station house.

What Happened After His Arrest?

Following his detention, a court granted a search order to enter his room, where detectives discovered loaded firearms. The recovered guns included a Sig Sauer and a Smith & Wesson. Shultz was detained with two weapons at a Lower Manhattan hotel on Thursday night. Someone observed him grab a gun from his pocket and phone the cops. According to authorities, the 39-year-old looked to be inebriated. He was charged with l possession of a handgun when cops discovered the pistols in his Bowery Hotel room. Prosecutors also seized 11 Polaroid images of the guns, some of which showed “a hand holding, pointing of the pistol.”

Six handwritten letters were also discovered, “one of which stated in a substance: ‘I will defend myself if I am attacked,'” according to authorities. Cage the Elephant’s 2015 album Tell Me I’m Pretty is well-known. The trio received Grammy Awards for Best Rock Album in 2020 and 2017 and Best Alternative Music Album in 2015. Shultz’s counsel stated in court that the firearms were adequately acquired and registered but not in New York. The singer is due to appear in court on February 22.

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