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Who were the Parents of Sadie Davila, a 7-year-old girl mauled to death by neighbor’s Pit bull

On Friday night a seven-year-old Louisiana girl, Sadie Davila, of East Baton Rouge while playing outside a relative’s home was mauled to death by a neighbor’s unchained pit bull. A relative of the girl saw Sadie being attacked by the unleashed dog who tried to save her but the dog was unceasingly intense. She was then immediately taken to the hospital but after some time died of her wounds.

Erick Chinchilla Lopez, the dog’s owner and neighbor of Sadie’s relative was arrested and was charged with negligent homicide for failing to enclose and restrain the dog.

Sadie’s parents Haley Anselmo, mother, and Mikey Davila, father were devastated by the tragic incident. Her mother Haley Anselmo in an emotional post said that her family is shattered and at the same time demanding justice for her family. In her post wrote:

Louisiana girl mauled to death by pit bull

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‘My mini-me. The light in my heart,’ Anselmo wrote on Facebook in describing her daughter. ‘Words don’t exist for what this feeling is.

‘My family is shattered. Please pray for us. Pray they press charges on the dog’s owners & hold them responsible.’

Her father, Mikey Davila on social media posted a heartbreaking post mourning the loss of her daughter and wrote a heartfelt message: ‘RIP my sweet Sadie Elizabeth, 7-years-old & taken from us in the most violent way. The world is a cruel place. You were the light in my heart.

Louisiana girl mauled to death by pit bull

An investigation is held by the police at the scene along Kendalwood Road, near Hoo Shoo Too Road. According to the officials, the attack occurred at around 6:30 pm. and the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office said that relatives of Sadie attempted to save her from the dog’s attack but could not succeed.

As per the arrest report, the dog’s owner Lopez’s home did not have any fence or barrier to restrict the dog from roaming the streets. Animal Control is thus notified and the dog was taken into custody.

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