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Who is FKA Twigs? Know more about Matt Healy girlfriend

After more than two years of dating, Matt Healy and FKA Twigs have broken up. The 33-year-old singer, son of ‘Loose Women’ actress Denise Welch and ‘Auf Wiedersehen, Pet’ actor Tim Healy, reportedly dated fellow FKA Twigs in 2019, but they reportedly broke things off after the lockdown due to “corporate liability”.

Matt Healy Career and early life

On April 8, 1989, soap opera actress Denise Welch and actor Tim Healy welcomed Matthew Timothy Healy to the world in Manchester, England. When he was born and raised, his parents enjoyed a busy life as artists and performers. Matty developed a love of music at the age of four when he started playing drums with his father. His parents separated in 2012, after which his mother started dating and later married Lincoln Townley. He grew up in Newcastle and Cheshire with his younger brother, Louis. He served as an inspiration to his younger brother, who is also a singer on YouTube.

The 1975's Matt Healy Sets Record Straight On 'Coming Out'

Source: Pride

Matt Healy and FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs is rumored to be dating Matt Healy after a bout of scandal. However, there is no formal confirmation to support this claim. After FKA Twigs sued her ex-boyfriend Shia LaBeouf last week for “relentless” violence, rumors started circulating; Matty Healy supports her. The 31-year-old frontman of “The 1975” shared a sweet Instagram post Sunday with a candid photo of the singer “cellophaned,” calling her a “legend,” “icon,” and “love of my life” in the captions. Model Gemma Janes and Matthew had a long-term romance which ended in 2014, according to previous reports. Rumors suggested he was also linked to Taylor Swift. However, the connection did not go beyond that of a passing acquaintance. He identifies as a member of the British Humanist Association and as an atheist. Despite this, he collects religious art and has a crucifix on his bedside table. He is also open about his former cocaine addiction.

FKA Twigs, Matt Healy’s Girlfriend

The famous English singer, songwriter, producer and director FKA Twigs started out as a small dancer. FKA entered the music world at the age of seventeen. During her career, she won 20 awards. She has won seven UK Music Video Awards out of a total of twenty nominations in various categories. Matty Healy’s girlfriend

Popular English singer, songwriter, producer and director FKA Twigs started out as a dancer on the small screen. FKA she entered the music business when she was seventeen years old. During her career she has won 20 awards. She has won seven UK Music Video Awards in various categories, out of a total of twenty nominations.

Matty Healy’s past relationship

Model Gabriella Brooks and Matty Healy were lovers for four years, from 2015 to 2019. It was said that Gabriella dumped him because she was tired of her wild lifestyle. “Matty is brilliant when he’s in good shape, but he’s not easy to be around and has quite an unusual life,” an insider reportedly told The Sun. Their relationship has been under a lot of stress, which hasn’t helped considering he’s been touring a lot this year. He often throws house parties when he’s there, and Gabby has had enough. She wants to live a different life.

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